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“Whoops! Better not be a scattertrain or I'll never make it to the... um... to the... oh, bumpers! Where was I going? Think Wilson. Concentrate! It was a picture of something pouring out... ice cream?”

Knowing Where you are Going is the eleventh episode of the first part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the eleventh episode overall.


Wilson arrives at the Depot to meet Vee, who instructs him on how to earn his "knowing where you're going" badge- Vee has to show him a picture of a location in Chuggington, and Wilson has to figure out which one it is. While guessing which location is where, Wilson finds himself distracted while telling Vee about the different types of ways to say "elephant", but soon pays attention again.

Wilson's last location is the Foundry, and Vee sends him on his way there to meet up with her later. On his way to the Foundry, Wilson gets distracted once again by a group of a passing butterflies. Unfortunately, this causes Wilson to forget his destination, and tries to remember the picture he saw.

All Wilson can remember is "something pouring out". Wilson figures this to be the Ice Cream Factory, but Vee is unresponsive once he arrives there- leading to Wilson continuing his search. Feeling disappointed in himself, Wilson thinks harder. Old Puffer Pete (a hot steam engine) passes by, giving Wilson a brainwave- the pouring object was not cold, but hot. Wilson quickly heads to the Foundry.

A rather impatient but satisfied Vee greets Wilson at the Foundry. He then returns to the Training Yard to earn his badge.


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  • The scene where Wilson gets distracted by a butterfly later had some of its animation data reused the Discover Chuggington: All Aboard! short, Wilson's Song.
  • When Wilson enters the Ice Cream Factory, Vee gives no response as she is "located" at the Foundry. This could imply that Vee's "mind" has to be at a certain location while her other poles are unresponsive.

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