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The King of Buffertonia is a king who sometimes visits Chuggington and has been taken on tours by many chuggers. He also has a son who serves as the prince.


The King of Buffertonia once came to Chuggington for a tour of the Safari Park. On his way, Old Puffer Pete was caught in a rockslide up on Rocky Ridge Mountain. Action Chugger was able to rescue them, but not in time for the actually tour. Once the King got to the Safari Park, Mtambo constructed an improved nighttime safari tour - now official by royal decree.

A little while later, the King joins Mayor Pullman and others on a special Speed Fleet transported by Koko. The chugger that was meant to take the tour was already gone by the time Koko arrive. Surprisingly, the journey getting there was just as exciting and everyone, including the King was fascinated by the wonders and history of Chuggington.


The King of Buffertonia is dressed with light purple shirt on top with a thick magenta vest. Tying it together is the big blue cape with gold linings. He also wears a bright gold belt and large crown with red, blue and green jewels.



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  • The King speaks with a soft African accent.
  • The King is either the third or second ruler of Buffertonia, after his grandfather. His son, the price, would become the next ruler.
  • In Germany, the King is known as "König von Pufferania". In Japan, he's "国王陛下 - Kokuō heika".