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"Three... two... one... BLAST OFF!"
— Wilson.

Jet Pack Wilson is the forty-sixth episode of the first season.


Action Chugger is teaching the three trainees how to be a Super Chugger. Wilson thinks that it will be fun as he is looking forward to flying. But, before they can do that, the trainess pull lots of heavy loads up and down a steep hill and rescue a teddy bear stuck in a tree. Later, Wilson finds some jet packs in the training yard, but Koko calls him to come with her, which he does. Brewster is on a flying simulator, but his training is cut-short when Action Chugger is called away to deal with an emergency. The trainees go back to their roundhouse, but Wilson wants to show Brewster the jet packs he saw earlier. Once back at the jet packs, Wilson takes a risk by strapping himself to a jet pack and goes flying! Brewster tells him to come back, but Wilson can't as he doesn't know how to turn around. Luckily, Action Chugger brings Wilson safely down, though he scolds him as it was very dangerous flying with jet packs without any training. Wilson apologises, explaining that he wanted to fly as it looks so easy in the films. Action Chugger reminds Wilson that everything is not as easy as you would see in the films.








  • When the trainees go back to their roundhouses, Wilson is in Brewster's roundhouse and Brewster is in Wilson's. This was likely a storyboard oversight.

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