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Background information[]

Jackman is a fictional diesel crane locomotive created by Sarah Ball.

Introduced in the fourth series, Jackman is the head of Chug Patrol. Since his introduction, he has become a recurring character, being one of the most important characters in the fourth and fifth series.

Jackman has no exact basis, and is painted in Chug Patrol's signature livery- primarily red with blue highlights and white lining.

CGI model[]

In 2012, Jackman was designed and modelled by Ludorum in the 3D modelling software Maya during the production of the fourth series. Jackman was originally named "Logan Blaze."[1]


Texture variants[]

In addition to his standard livery, five other texture variants of Jackman's CGI model exist. These include:


  • Jackman's model was modelled in Maya by Alex Parkin.[2]
  • Jackman's model has two seats in its interior, but they never appear in the series.[2]

Voice actors[]

  • Michael Byers (UK; Season 4-present - US; Seasons 4-5)
  • Michael G. Stern (US; Season 6 onwards)
  • Giovane Crema (Brazil)
  • Peter Pihlström (Finland)
  • Achim Buch (Germany)
  • Massimo Bitossi (Italy)
  • Show Hayami (Japan)
  • Juan Carlos Román (Latin America)
  • Henrik Horge (Norway)
  • Przemysław Wyszyński (Poland; Season 4-Chuggington: Little Trainees)
  • Mateusz Narloch (Poland; Season 6 onwards)
  • Igor Taradaikin (Russia)
  • Philippe Vincent (France and French speaking Canada; Seasons 4-5)