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It's Training Time is a UK, US, Canadian and Australian DVD featuring six episodes from the first season. It would be distributed by 2 Entertain in the United Kingdom, Anchor Bay Entertainment in the United States, Phase 4 Films, Kaboom Entertainment and Nelvana in Canada and Roadshow Entertainment in Australia.


It's wheels to the rails for young trainees, Wilson, Koko and Brewster as they prepare for life on the tracks. There's a lot to learn from Chuggington's Traintastic Crew including Chuggers Hodge, Old Puffer Pete and Harrison. Choo Choo!

Harrison must return to the training yard if he wants to pull the royal carriage; Wilson will do anything to avoid the automatic Chug Wash; Koko can't resist exploring; the Chuggers find going backwards isn't as easy as it looks - and could that be the Old Town Mystery Chugger on the tracks?


  1. Training Time, Harrison
  2. Wilson Gets a Wash
  3. Koko and the Tunnel
  4. Watch Out Wilson!
  5. Wilson's Smooth Moves
  6. Eddie Finds Time

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  • For unknown reasons, the American release of this DVD uses completely different cover art.
  • There are a few differences between the Australian cover and other ones using the same promotion image:
    • Harrison is closer to Wilson. Additionally, he is not on any tracks.
    • Brewster is father away from Koko.
  • A cropped version of the international cover art for this DVD would be reused as the cover for the Training Time, Harrison book.


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