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“Tipping… tipping… tipping…”
―Irving pouring recycling

Irving is a dark red diesel engine who is in charge of the Recycling Yard, handling all the recycling chores around Chuggington.


When Irving was a trainee, he took a test to earn a recycling badge. At the same time, a young boy named Simpkins was also taking a test so that he could test others in future. Irving passed his test and was so overjoyed, he tooted his horn when he shouldn't have, which startled Simpkins, causing him to run off screaming for his mother; accidentally knocking over his examiner in the process. To prevent Simpkins from failing his test, Irving owned up to his mistake[1].

After completing training, Irving took care of all the recycling and garbage, cleaning the tracks with his sweepers and working alone at the Recycling Yard most of his time. He once participated in the Chugger Championship race, which he did not win. Around that time, Irving would also have to take a day-long trip to Tootington, leaving Koko in charge of the Recycling Yard for the day. Koko, enlisting Wilson to help her but not knowing how to be a good leader, ended up causing the yard to become a total mess - making Irving speechless of anger and disappointment. However, the trainees made up for their mistake by cleaning the yard during the following night.


While Irving may look a little snappish, he can be very helpful to others. He is an adult chugger with a perfectionist streak; he wants to keep things neat and tidy, taking great pride in his work as the recycling chugger and liking to boast that nothing is ever thrown away in Chuggington. Irving wants everything in the Recycling Yard to be in perfect order and doesn't like to trust anybody else to do the work there for him.

Irving is not exactly of the social type; he rarely shows much emotion, usually coming off very strict and somewhat grumpy. He prefers getting to do his work alone, in peace and quiet, often speaking about himself in third person and can be rude to anyone who interrupts him. However, he also has a soft side to him, Koko Pulls it Off being the best example of that; when Irving found Koko crying about her failed test at his yard, he wasn't sure how to react at first, but quickly offered to help her, eventually saving her entire test. In general, Irving doesn't accept unjust behaviour and his strictness can be a big help for other chuggers in bad situations.

Technical Details


Irving is based on a Beilhack Rotary Snowblower, minus the plow on the front and modified with two sweepers.


Irving is painted dark red with a light grey cab roof and a dark grey underbody. He has caution stripes on the corners behind his engine area. His window frames are painted light grey.




Chuggington: Badge Quest


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  • Unlike other chuggers, he pronounces words freely behind his sweepers.
  • He has severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, in regards to cleanliness and order. In a few episodes, most notably in Eddie Finds Time - Vee becomes annoyed by his paranoia of the current time, by asking her countless times every few seconds.
  • In Dutch, he is called Joost, In German, he is called Erwin, in Hebrew, he is called "שלמה" (Shlomo), and in Polish, he is called "Iwo".
  • Much like many other chuggers, his horn sound is a stock sound effect.
  • Irving has had two horn sounds throughout the series. His original horn sound can be heard in Brewster's Little Helper. It was later reused for Fletch.
  • Irving and Old Puffer Pete are the only two chuggers with glasses.
    • Coincidentally, both are voiced by Paul Panting in the UK dub.
  • Unlike the other chuggers, both of his bogies appear to be hinged to a single base, so whenever his body moves around, they are attached to the base that supports both of his bogies.
  • The idea behind Irving's glasses appears to be based on the two steering wheels behind his basis' front cab windows.


“Ahe-he-hem! Excuse me? Do you need to be recycled?"
"(gasp) No!"
"Hmm... Thought not! So, come on, out of the way! That's it, move along!”
―Irving and Koko, Koko Pulls it Off[src]
“Feeling lucky today, Irving?”
―Irving hoping to be chosen to pull Mayor Pullman across Border Bridge, Brewster Meets the Mayor[src]