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“Ah, I just don’t know when to keep my bumpers shut. We’re gonna fail the inspection, and it’s all my fault!”

Inspector Emery is the thirty-fifth episode of the first season.


Emery has got the day off, but also on that day, Vee announces that an inspector is coming today, so all chuggers and staff must set to work to get everything all nice and tidy - all the older chuggers know that this could well be Old Nicholas (or "Picky Nicky" as some of them refer him by).

Irving is busy sorting out the Recycling Yard and Dunbar is sorting out the wagon sidings (accessed by the huge turntable). When Vee tells Emery to check on everyone's work, he starts to intervene, causing Irving to make a mess and Dunbar to re-arrange the wagon stock by colours, though that doesn't seem right to him at all. Even Old Puffer Pete tires of Emery's interference, and tells him to keep out of the way and enjoy his day off.

However, a smartly-dressed woman arrives in Chuggington, and asks Emery to show her around since she is new to their town. Emery takes her around, and shows her the trouble he accidentally caused. Once back at the station, Emery is about to go and collect Old Nicholas the Inspector, but the woman tells Emery that Old Nicholas has retired and she is the new inspector. Realising that he said all the wrong things, Emery feels very ashamed.

Emery tells Old Puffer Pete about Old Nicholas being retired and the woman is the new inspector, which puts all of the chuggers and staff feeling very nervous. However, the new inspector tells them all that Chuggington has passed with flying colours as Emery, despite his faults, was being quite truthful compared to her other inspections. Also, Emery promises his friends to keep his mouth shut in future.


Rolling Stock






  • Going by production order, this is the twenty-ninth episode of the first season.
  • The American dub adds a sound of Elvis Presley's trademark "uh-huh-huh" after Puffer Pete misnames Emery "Elvis".
  • The paper on the Inspector's clipboard is the same piece of paper used from Koko Pulls it Off.


  • Pete's smokebox door is opened slightly when he shouts out, "Rattling rivets!".
  • Throughout the episode, Pete has Olwin's whistle sound.
  • Pete's plaque is coloured black in the last scene of the episode.

Other Language

Language Title
French L'Inspecteur Emery
German Inspektor Lukas
Japanese 検査官 エメリー
Polish Inspektor Emilia
Spanish Inspector Emery (Latin America)

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