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Howie is in charge of the Working Wheels Yard. He dispatches the crews to get the chuggers clean. He usually speaks over the intercom system and wears a headset.


Howie is the man in charge of the Working Wheels Yard. When a chugger needs a clean up, he calls for his crew and washes them right up. Howie can also be a bit conscious at times. One time, when dark clouds started to form in the sky, Howie trusted his gut and closed the roof. He also gives out the schedule of what some of the chuggers do for the day and gives a little advise for the journey.


Howie wears a black shirt with blue, orange and white lining- along with the Working Wheels Yard logo on the right side of his shirt. He also wears a headset to what he uses to talk to his crew members.





Howie has not appeared in the show since 2015.

Voice Actors[]


  • In the Japanese dub, he is called "ハウィー (Hauī)".
  • In the Russian dub, he is called "Хауи (Khaui)".