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“Hoot and Toot are ready to scoot!”
―Hoot and Toot's catchphrase

Hoot and Toot are two conjoined twin diesel-electric trainees who were introduced in the second season. They are the main pilot shunters located at the Depot.[1]


In their first appearance, Hoot and Toot would learn how to use a turntable; when Calley was called out in an emergency, Brewster was put in charge of looking after them. As one could expect from the twins, the two ran away, soon becoming trapped in the underground tunnels. Using the advice that Brewster had given them on turntables, Hoot and Toot were able to emerge from the tunnels unscathed. Around this time, Hoot and Toot would leave the Depot to help haul Harrison out of a snow drift, and attempt to launch a meteorite back into space (only for it to come back down again), causing a dangerous chase around Chuggington.

Toot, not wanting to do track inspection with her brother, would lie about an illness to get out of doing it- nearly having Morgan take her engine out. Hoot and Toot would make an abysmal mess around the Depot in an attempt to earn another gold wheel, and assisted Brewster in moving the demolisher for the Chuggineers. The twins would additionally observe both the Track Dash Fun Race and the Iron Chuggers competition.

Some time before this, Toot would take a disliking to a new trainee, Piper, who was going to be sleeping in the twins' berth so that she could be catered for by the trainees sleeping next to her. Toot explained herself to Hoot, saying that they were on their own when they first arrived in Chuggington, with Hoot responding that it was that way because they had each other. Realizing her mistake, Toot apologized to Piper and the twins soon befriended her.

Sometime by the fifth season, the Twins are promoted to advanced training along with Wilson, Brewster and Koko.[2]

Some time later, Hoot and Toot, along with Piper and Zephie, would become Junior Chug Patrollers after rescuing Cormac from his faulty crane. The twins would additionally finally end their bickering after separating during the journey to Lookout Point- the best place to observe the sunset.


Even if they are mostly stuck together, Hoot and Toot are quite different from each other. Hoot is slightly dimwitted and gullible, which can lead to him being used by others, but is forgiving and always helpful. Toot, on the other hand, while she is also kind and helpful at times, is often manipulative, greedy, and usually thinks about herself and not about the impact that her actions may have on others; for example, to get out of doing track inspection, Toot lied about an illness, and by the time that she admitted to fibbing, everyone was deeply worried and Koko had made a run to Tootington to fetch a new engine part for her.

Despite the fact that what Toot had done was terrible, Hoot forgave Toot, as he still cared about her even if she had done something terrible. While Hoot and Toot do argue a lot, they do secretly like each other, and while they are often separate, they would rather be together.

Technical Details

Possible Basis

Hoot and Toot appear to be a freelance design and aren't based on any specific prototype. Although they seem to resemble a hybrid between the BR Class 168 DMU and the BR Class 70 Powerhaul diesel, because they were designed for freight like, the BR Class 70, and their cabs' resemblances to the Class 168's. Their design seems to be inspired by various two-unit freight locomotives, most notably the Alstom Prima II. They also slightly resemble the Soviet TE3 class locomotives.


Hoot is painted blue and white with a teal door, whilst Toot is teal and white with a blue door. They have white underbites and cool yellow underbodies.




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Audio Files



First used Last used Sound Effect
Babysitter Brewster Active

In Horn Harmony, Hoot has a two-toned version of his horn and also in another part of the video he has another horn.

Only used Sound Effect
Horn Harmony



First used Last used Sound Effect
Babysitter Brewster Active

In one scene of Brewster Leads the Way, Toot is incorrectly portrayed with Hoot's horn sound.

Only used Sound Effect
Brewster Leads the Way


  • Licensing/merchandise bios and descriptions for Hoot v. Toot call the duo shunting engines; this would be officially confirmed within the series in Pull and Push.
  • Hoot is stronger than Toot, as seen in Toot's Tall Tale.
  • Hoot is red-green colour blind, meaning he is incapable of telling the difference between the two colours.
  • In German Hoot is called "Leon" and Toot is called "Lea".
  • In Polish Hoot is called "Buczek" and Toot is called "Nutka".
  • In French Hoot is called "Jim" and Toot is called "Jill".
  • In Russian, Hoot is called "Хути (Hooty)", and Toot is called "Тути" (Tooty).
  • In Korean, Hoot is called "뚜뚜 (Hoot Hoot)", and Toot is called "삐삐 (Peep peep)".
  • In Chinese, Hoot is called "小糊 (XiaoHu)" and Toot is called "小涂 (XiaoTu)".
  • In Cantonese, Hoot is called "阿糊 (A Wu)" and Toot is called "阿涂 (A To)".
  • In Taiwanese, Hoot is called "小呼 (Xiao Hu)" and Toot is called "小嘟 (Xiao Du)".
  • In German, their catchphrase is "Lea und Leon sind auf und davon!" - "Lea and Leon are up and away!" In Polish, their catchphrase is "Nutka i Buczek - pierwsi do sztuczek!" - "Nutka and Buczek - first for tricks!" In Russian, their catchphrase is "Тути и Хути - тут как тут!" - "Toot and Hoot - right there!"
  • In Chinese, Their names together mean "Muddled".
  • Zephie along with Hoot and Toot are the only chuggers with a 0-4-0 wheel arrangement.
  • According to a behind the scenes production photo from Season 1, Hoot and Toot were possibly intended to be included in the first season, but cut for unknown reasons. The original Hoot and Toot design resembles more of a Whitcomb diesel locomotive.
  • Plarail Hoot and Toot the lids of both are open and interchangeable, designed so that one of the twins can be in front as power.