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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the song.

“Hmm, that sign means something. What was it again? Oo, it's on the tip of my bumper! It's a horn! It must mean-"
"Oh, bumpers! That was the no-honking sign, wasn't it?”
―Wilson and Emery

Honk Your Horns is the seventh episode of the first part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the seventh episode overall.


Wilson arrives at the Depot to meet Vee, who instructs him on how to earn his "horn honking" badge- Emery must test Wilson on when to use his horn and when not to. Firstly, Wilson honks his horn at Irving while he is reversing with a lineup of recycling wagons.

After honking his way through a sharp bend, Wilson honks at a herd of cows, quickly scaring them off. At the small town, Wilson sees a "no honking" signal, but mistakes it for the opposite and honks loudly, much to Emery's dismay. He tells Wilson that he has failed, and can try again another time.

As Wilson sulks along the line, he enters a tunnel, only to find Koko coming the other way. She tells Wilson that her light is green and that he was simply being careless, but he notices that his light is green, too. Wilson figures that the lights are stuck, and honks his way through the tunnel to check the other side.

On the other side of the tunnel, Emery hears Wilson, and tells his passengers that service will resume shortly. Wilson emerges, and explains to Emery what is going on- the latter then decides to give Wilson his badge, announcing to his passengers upon his decision. The two then return to the Training Yard so that Wilson can earn his badge.


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  • Going by production order, this is the sixteenth episode of Badge Quest.
  • This is the first Chuggington productions to feature Emma Reeves as a writer.


  • Strangely, Charlie George is credited in the British dub, despite not voicing in the episode.

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