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“A camouflage house. Such a clever idea.”
―Mtmabo admiring Brewster's work

Home Sweet Home is the first episode of the third part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the fortieth episode overall.


Brewster arrives at Safari Park to meet Mtambo, who instructs him on how to earn his "Home Sweet Home" badge. Mtambo shows Brewster the lizards' house and tells him that he is to redo it, as well as the fact that he must be quick as he only has an hour. Mtambo later passes by Wilson, who is blowing leaves, and tells him about the lizards' house's makeover, much to Wilson's excitement. Brewster puts the lizards' house on a turntable and begins spraying it with the paint wagon. Simultaneously, Wilson becomes frustrated when the wind blows his pile of leaves everywhere.

Brewster, letting the paint dry, notices a monkey climbing onto his flatbed. Brewster tells the monkey to go away, causing it to jump onto a nearby tree, which makes a singular leaf fall onto the lizards' house. Wilson, finished, passes by Brewster, which gives the latter the idea of using the leaf blower to get the leaf off. The plan works, but the sheer force of the wind causes a load of leaves to cover the lizard's house. Mtambo arrives, and (much to Wilson and Brewster's surprise) says that the house looks outstanding, as Brewster has (unknown to Mtambo, accidentally) camouflaged the lizards' house with leaves. The lizards appear to enjoy their new home as Brewster and Mtambo watch.


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  • This marks the first occurrence in a Chuggington: Badge Quest episode of two things:
    • The first episode in the third part of Chuggington: Badge Quest.
    • The first episode in which Vee does not appear.
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