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“Stop saying that! I've done everything you've asked for and I'm still stuck in this forest!”
―Wilson arguing with the Chugnav

Home, Wilson! is the fourth episode of the second part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the thirtieth episode overall.


Wilson heads to the depot to meet Vee, who instructs him on how to earn his "find your way home" badge. Vee will send Wilson to an unknown location, and Wilson has to find his way back with the Chugnav. To make sure he does not memorize the path, Vee and Lori have him blindfolded while flying away in Action Chugger. Soon, Wilson landed in the forest and started following the directions the Chugnav told him to go. As he was rolling along, Wilson saw a little squirrel and immediately started following it. But the squirrel jumped on Wilson and the Chugnav, causing it to do the opposite of what it's meant to say.

The Chugnav told Wilson to go forward, but all that was in front of him were a pair of buffers. The Chugnav then told Wilson to keep turning right into a loop, getting Wilson more and more fed up. Later, he was at a junction were Chugnav say to "go left" when all Wilson could do was turn right, and that gave him the idea to do the opposite of everything it said. Soon, Wilson made it back to the Depot safe and sound. Lucky, Lori turned the Chugnav right-side up again and Wilson was awarded with his "find your way home" badge, thought in the opposite fashion.


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  • In the remastered 2021 version, the credits for the American dub reuses the British credits.

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