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Title Card - Hodge and the Magnet
[ Vee chimes weakly at the Roundhouses.]
Vee (sigh) Oh, time to wake up, Chuggington.
[The trainees peak out of the their cabins.]
Koko Hm, Vee doesn't sound very happy.
Vee Attention, chuggers, the yellow line will be closed this morning. I'm afraid a section of track is out.
Koko Ooh, so that's why Vee sounds frazzled.
Vee I have a lot of re-routing to organize. Please be patient.
Wilson Poor Vee.
[At the Fuel Yard, Calley stops by Hodge who was just refueling on diesel.]
Calley Phew, hi there, Hodge.
Hodge You were busy last night, Calley.
Calley It was abso-toot-toot-ly crazy. I had three emergency call-outs.
Hodge Yeah, it's a tough job being a rescue chugger.
[Vee chimes in, grabbing the chuggers' attention.]
Vee Is Eddie around, Hodge?
Hodge Not yet, Vee.
Vee I need him to start work on the track repair urgently.
Hodge I'll tell him.
Vee Oh, this is causing me no end of problems. (UK) / so many problems. (US)
Hodge Oh, poor Vee.
Calley So, you'll need the electromagnet to pick up the damaged track and a flatbed car to take the replacement.
Hodge Yeah, that sounds right, Calley.
Calley Let's go and get you hooked up.
[Hodge and Calley end up at the Rolling Stock Yard. Hodge couples up to the electromagnet car as Calley couples up to the flatbed car. Meanwhile at the Depot, all the chuggers wait at an intersection as the surround Vee with questions and grumbles.]
Koko Oh, what's going on? Come on. This is taking forever.
Old Puffer Pete If I take the red line, then double back and cut across the bridge, get onto-
Vee Pete, I'm gonna have to hurry you.
Old Puffer Pete (sighs) No, that won't work.
Vee (groans)
Dunbar I know you've been waiting a long time, Irving, but it's out of my wheels.
Irving It's recycling day, Dunbar, and as you know, I hate being late for my rounds.
[Koko rolls up in front of Dunbar.]
Koko Dunbar, are we going to be training this morning?
Dunbar Sorry, Koko, today's lesson will have to wait. Make yourselves useful around the Depot for now.
Wilson We can do that!
[Wilson and Koko back up on their tracks. Later, Calley and HOdge return to the Fuel Yard with all of their rolling stock.]
Calley That's everything, Hodge.
Hodge Everything but Eddie. Hm, maybe I should pick him up from the station.
Calley Sounds like a plan.
[Hodge pulls the flatbed and the magnet car as he and Calley depart from the Fuel Yard. At the Repair Shed, Morgan stands with his hands on his hips as he looks up at Vee, waiting for Eddie to arrive.]
Morgan Yep, I'll keep an eye out for Eddie, Vee.
[ Emery honks his horn as he slows at the platform.]
Emery Chugger approaching. Doors opening. Watch your step, please.
[Hodge looks up hopefully expecting Eddie to walk out from the coach only for Lori to walk out instead. Hodge then looks back down, disappointed.]
Emery Doors closing. This chugger is ready to depart.
[Emery honks his horn as Lori looks at Hodge as she holds her hands up in the air.
Lori If you're looking for Eddie, he wasn't at his station.
Hodge Oh, rivets, he must be running late again. (sighs) Vee won't be happy.
[Wilson comes in.]
Wilson Vee won't be happy about what?
Hodge Eddie's late and Vee needs us to get that line open.
Wilson Ah, so that's what the crane is for.
Hodge Yep.
Wilson Why don't you go and fix it then?
Hodge Me? Oh no, I couldn't do that, not without Eddie.
Wilson Why not?
Hodge The magnet's hard to control 'cause I can't see what I'm doing. Eddie always guides me.
Wilson Wait, I can help you. Dunbar said I should be useful.
Hodge (inhales sharply) I dunno, wilson.
[Vee chimes. Hodge and Wilson look at the catastrophic blockage happening at the Depot.]
Vee Please, would you all clear the way so Olwin can get to platform two?
Hodge Well, it would help Vee.
Wilson C'mon, let's ride the rails.
[Wilson honks his horn as he rushes away. Hodge follows him behind.]
Vee Please, calm down everyone (UK) / everybody (US). I'm trying (UK) / doing (US) the best I can.
[Near the Repair Shed, Zephie spins around as Morgan walks towards her.]
Zephie (chuckles) Mad (UK) / Wild (US), isn't it Morgan?
Morgan Yes, poor Vee has her work cut out, Zephie.
[Morgan notices Hodge and Wilson enter the Yellow Tunnel.]
Morgan Oh, good, Eddie and Hodge are heading off to do the repair. They'll soon have the line open again.
Zephie Phew, then maybe things will get back to normal around here.
[Morgan speaks into his phone.]
Morgan Good news, Vee, Eddie's on his way to fix the track.
[During the chaos, Chatsworth tries to moves past Old Puffer Pete.]
Chatsworth Yoo-hoo, coming through, watch your bumpers, thank you.
[Dunbar honks his horn in distress.]
Dunbar Chatsworth, stop! There's no room for you. You'll have to back up.
Chatsworth Back up where? See, there are two more chuggers behind me. Oh, I think I'm going to overheat.
Dunbar (sighs)
[Hodge and Wilson chug out of the tunnel and stop by the damaged track. A piece of disconnected track lies slightly to the right of the rest of the track.]
Hodge Look, there it is, Wilson. The broken track.
Wilson oh, yeah.
Hodge Hm, I wish Eddie was here.
Wilson C'mon on. You've done this loads of times (UK) / lots of times (US) before. So, what do we do?
Hodge Can you get onto the other track and face me?
Wilson On my way.
[Wilson goes on a loop line and turns to the direction facing Hodge.]
Hodge I'll have to pick up the damaged section with the magnet and lay down the new piece. But remember, I can't see, so I'm relying on you. Okay, Wilson? Got that?
[A butterfly flies across Wilson's face, distracting him.]
Wilson Oh, look, a butterfly. Where did you come from?
[Hodge toots his horn trying to get Wilson's attention back.]
Hodge Wilson!
Wilson (giggles) Sorry, I'm ready.
Hodge Oh, this is the bit (UK) / the part (US) I don't like. Okay, turning it on.
[Hodge turns on the magnet car and swings over the broken track. The crane picks up the broken piece of track.]
Wilson Up a bit, Hodge... down a teeny little bit... back a bit... (grunts) no, over a bit. Now left, left. Oops (giggles), I mean right.
Hodge (groan) Wilson, you need to be clear.
Wilson Forward, that's it! Hold it there. Wait, what's-
[Wilson moves closer to the magnet and sticks to it.]
Wilson (grunts; muffled) Uh-oh. I'm stuck to the magnet!
[Wilson tries to pull himself away as Hodge attempts to turn the magnet off.]
Wilson (muffled) Switch it off, Hodge.
Hodge I'm trying. Oh, I should've never let you talk me into this.
[At the Depot, Emery continues to do his passenger run. On board his train, Eddie looks at his watch as he rides on Emery.]
Eddie Ooh, I am so late.
[Emery honks his horn as he stops at Platform two, near Morgan's House.]
Emery Preparing to stop.
[Eddie runs into a set of stairs as he rushes out the other end towards the Repair Shed. There, Zephie raced by.]
Zephie Morning, Eddie.
[Morgan pokes his head out the door to notice Eddie standing on the platform.]
Morgan Oh, that didn't take long, Eddie. Everything alright (UK) / okay (US)?
Eddie Um, yeah, Everything's fine.
Morgan Great, I'll tell Vee.
[Morgan walks around a corner as Eddie stands, looking confused.]
Eddie Tell Vee what?
[Eddie turns to see a bunch of chugger waiting and honking horns around the Depot.]
Vee For the time being, everybody, try to keep the tracks clear.
[Eddie walks up to Calley in confusion.]
Eddie Hey, what's going on here?
Calley Huh? Hold on. aren't you fixing the track with Hodge?
Eddie Eh? What track?
Calley The yellow line's closed! Hodge left with the stuff to fix it. I thought you were with him.
Eddie (gasp) Oh, so, that's what Morgan was talking about. (chuckles) Silly me... Uh-oh.
[Meanwhile, back at the broken track, Wilson is struggling to get himself free from the magnet.]
Wilson Switch it off!
Hodge I'm trying!
[Very quickly, Hodge manged to turn the magnet off and Wilson pulls off of the car.]
Wilson Phew!
Hodge Sorry, Wilson. Look, it's no use. I can't do it. I was silly to think that I could. Let's just go back.
Wilson Yes, you can. It was my fault for getting too close. I won't do it again, I promise. Come on.
Hodge Mm, okay.
[Hodge picks up the broken track.]
Wilson That's it, perfecto!
[Hodge places the broken track on grass. As he swings the magnet back, but he accidentally picks up a second piece of track.]
Hodge whoa, what's happening?
Wilson Quick, turn the magnet off again!
Hodge (grunts)
[Hodge tries to turn the magnet off, but the crane swings over and moves two pieces of track.
Hodge Look out!
Wilson Hodge, stop! Oh, bumpers. Now there Are three pieces out.
Hodge What?! Oh no. The line will have to be closed even longer now.
[Eddie talks on a phone as he rides in Zephie through the Yellow Tunnel.]
Eddie Yeah, don't re-open the line yet, Vee. We're, uh, not quite ready.
[Hodge backs up.]
Wilson Where are you going?
Hodge To get help.
Wilson But you can fix this.
Hodge no, I can't. I can't control the magnet. It's hopeless.
Wilson Look, you just have to turn the magnet off when you don't need it. I'll shout to you. C'mon, I just know you can do it.
Hodge D'you really think so?
Wilson Of course.
[The chuggers attempt fro the third time as Wilson helps guide Hodge towards the track.]
Wilson Over a teeny bit... perfecto. Now drop it. Magnet off.
[The track lands on the ground.]
Wilson Good job, Hodge, You did it!
Hodge T'riffic, now for the next piece.
[Zephie continues to travel through the tunnel as Eddie ponders about what he's about to see.]
Eddie I wonder what we're going to find? I hope it's not a lot of work. How're we doing, Zephie?
Zephie Nearly there.
[Wilson and Hodge finish up the track repair as Zephie enters out of the tunnel.]
Wilson It's Eddie!
Eddie Wow, you've fixed it yourself?
Hodge Sorry, Eddie. Vee Said it was urgent and you Didn't show up in time and-
Eddie You've done a top job, mate (UK) / You did a great job,

Hodge. (US) Ah, look at that. I'm really proud of you.

Hodge Thanks, it was teamwork.
Eddie Great, let's tell Vee the good news.
[Vee chimes with excitement back at the Depot.]
Vee Attention, please! The yellow line is now open!
[All the chugger start cheering and honking their horns.]
Vee Normal service will resume shortly.
[Back at the tunnel, Zephie spins around.]
Zephie Whee!
Eddie Let's get home before a stampede comes this way.
[Horns can be heard in the distances.]
Zephie Too late!
[Chatsowrth and Harrison rushed out from the tunnel, eager to start work.]
Chatsworth Oh, thank goodness. That took all day!
Harrison Watch your bumpers. Coming through.
Eddie (chuckles) Well done (UK) / Good job (US), Hodge. You saved the day. Maybe I'll be late again tomorrow and see what else you can do.
Hodge Oh, Eddie...
Eddie (laughs) Only kidding, mate (UK) / pal (US). Only kidding. Woo-hoo!
[Zephie turns around a rolls into the tunnel.]