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“Oh, no! The line will have to be closed even longer now!”

Hodge and the Magnet is the eighth episode of the first season.


Vee is having a hard time as the Yellow Line is closed because a section of track is broken, which causes a huge train-jam in Chuggington. Hodge and Calley collect the magnet crane and a flatbed with a new section of track, but Eddie hasn't arrived yet. Wilson sees Hodge with the magnet crane and suggests to Hodge that he can mend the track without Eddie. At first, Hodge is unsure as Eddie always assists him; but, knowing that Vee wants the track repaired urgently, Hodge and Wilson go down the Yellow Line to get it fixed.

Later, Eddie arrives in Chuggington and Morgan sees him, thinking that Eddie has already fixed the broken track - not just arriving for work! Calley sees Eddie too and tells him that Hodge had already left to fix the broken track. Meanwhile, Hodge and Wilson are having trouble carrying out the repairs as Wilson gets stuck on the magnet and the magnet lifts up three pieces of track! Wilson feels foolish that he got too close and promises not to get too close again. Quickly, Wilson gives Hodge some advice, and together, they fix the track, just in time as Eddie arrives on Zephie to help out. Hodge apologizes to Eddie for not waiting for him, but Eddie is glad to see that the job has being done. Once Vee hears the news about the mended track, the Yellow Line is re-opened and most of the locomotives head down the Yellow Line to make their deliveries.


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  • Going by production order, this is the nineteenth episode of the first season.
  • In the UK episode order, Late Again Eddie was aired before this episode, so Eddie should have already lived in Chuggington with his caboose and wouldn't have been late. In the European order this is fixed, with this episode being aired as the sixth and Late Again Eddie as the twelfth.


  • Calley is missing her rear bumpers when she and Hodge return to the Fuel Yard.
  • In the scene when Lori tells Hodge that she hadn't seen Eddie at a station, Hodge's flatcar is empty. But in the next scene when Wilson speaks to Hodge, his flatcar is full.
  • Brewster has Koko's horn sound when Wilson and Hodge leave off to mend the track.
  • When Old Puffer Pete is receiving instructions of an alternative route from Vee, his flatcar is floating in the air where there are no rails.
  • Calley and Pete's coupling rods do not move in certain scenes throughout the episode.
  • When Wilson gets stuck to the magnet, his horn becomes distorted.
  • In the scene where Vee opens the Yellow Line, Chatsworth is only white and silver.
  • In the scene after Vee opens the Yellow Line, Irving has Emery and Old Puffer Pete's voices.

Other Languages

Language Title
French Hodge et l'électroaimant
German Hodge und der Magnet
Japanese ホッジと磁石
Polish Hugo i magnes
Spanish Hodge y el Iman (Latin America)

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