Hodge and the Chugnav

Written By

Sarah Ball & Jacquelyn Bell

Air Date

13th December 2010

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Hodge and the Chugnav is the twenty-fourth episode from Season 2.


Eddie is too busy and willingly neglects Hodge's requests to help him. Then Eddie goes off on another job, to unblock the coal chute. Hodge is still upset. Then Zephie shows him an invention of Dr. Ling's, The Chugnav. The device, from a satellite above, can tell a chugger which way to go. Wilson offers Hodge to fix a problem with the track lift. After applying oil, Hodge mistakenly orders Wilson to repeatedly go up and down to work in the oil, until the fuse blows, creating a farting sound as the lift breaks down and Wilson gets stuck in midair.

Fearing reprimand from Eddie, Hodge apologizes to him for the accident, and is told off to always check with Eddie before carrying out risky jobs.

Brewster and Zephie test out the Chugnav until they reach the tunnel with the broken lift. Hodge offers to collect a replacement fuse from a factory 130 miles away, but Eddie believes he cannot locate the factory. Then Hodge has an idea to use the Chugnav, from which Eddie reluctantly agrees.

On the way to the destination, Hodge meets Action Chugger. Action Chugger wants to find the satellite's altitude and goes up into Low Earth Orbit. He inadvertantly knocks the satellite upside down. The Chugnav malfunctions and Hodge can't find his way home. Action Chugger soon realised his mistake, and takes Hodge to space to roate the spacecraft the right way. They go home, landing back in Chuggingon at nightfall, roughly 8-9 hours after departing, and Eddie fixes the broken lift to rescue Wilson.



  • This is the first time Action Chugger (and Hodge) goes into space.
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