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Background information[]

Hodge is a fictional diesel shunting locomotive created by Sarah Ball and Diane Redmond.

Since his introduction in the first series episode, Late Again Eddie, he has become one of the most prominent recurring characters in the series, still appearing regularly to this day.

Hodge is made from a hodge-podge of parts and thus has no known basis. He is primarily painted reddish-brown; and also consists of teal, blue, olive green, red and black. As well as that, he has unpainted brass lining.

CGI model[]

In 2007, Hodge was most likely designed and modelled by Volume Studios in the 3D modelling software Sketchup during the production of the first series. The model was later exported to another software, Maya, for further animation.[1]


  • Series 1:
    • Some of his weathering is removed.
    • The glass on his windows loses its cracks.
  • Series 2:
    • He receives the new coupler and chugger plaque design.
    • His front support beam changes design from a pole to a vacuum hose design.



  • Hodge's model does not account for scenes in which Hodge uses his front coupler. All scenes requiring Hodge to use his front coupler add one to his front chassis in specific shots.
  • Hodge's jaw is supposed to move on a hinge, but the hinge is static in actuality. As a result, Hodge's side is either raised or lowered depending on his expression.
    • The movement of Hodge's jaw causes much of his weathering to become displaced, which is likely why much of it was removed.
  • An alternate version of Hodge's model that resembles his concept art appears in the storyboards of Who Do You Appreciate?.[2]

Voice actors[]

  • Arthur Lee (UK; Seasons 1-5)
  • Lawrence Matthews (UK; Season 6 onwards)
  • James Lukens (US; Seasons 1-5)
  • Gideon Modisett (US; Season 6 onwards)
  • Kejvi Mysliu (Albania)
  • Samuel Harjanne (Finland)
  • Dor Srugo (Israel; Hop! dub)
  • Kanako Tōjō (Japan)
  • Mateusz Narloch (Poland; Season 1 onwards, excluding Season 5, Olwin and Mr. Mist and Glow Koko)
  • Krzysztof Szczerbiński (Poland; Season 5 only)
  • Adam Pluciński (Poland; Chuggington: Little Trainees, Olwin and Mr. Mist only)
  • Wit Apostolakis-Gluziński (Poland; Glow Koko only)
  • Olga Shorokhova (Russia; Season 1 onwards, excluding Season 4)
  • Olga Golovanova (Russia; Season 4 only)
  • Alejandra del Valle (Los Angeles Spanish dub)
  • Inger Gundersen (Norway)
  • Pilar Coronado (Spain)
  • Asad Schwarz (Germany)
  • Lee So-yeong (South Korea)
  • João Vitor Mafra (Brazil; Season 6 onwards)
  • Paolo Campos (Latin America; Seasons 1-3)
  • Rubén Quezada (Latin America; Season 6 onwards)
  • Tito Marteddu (Italy)