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“Black, purple, orange, pink? Huh? What's going on?"
"Grey? But there isn't a grey tunnel. Unless I've gone colourblind/I'm missing something. What does that mean, Vee?"
"Hmmm. I think Vee's broken.”
―Koko and Old Puffer Pete

Hodge's Secret is the twenty-seventh episode of first season.


After getting loaded with old bricks, Hodge complains that he's treated like a baby by Eddie due to many of his tasks being helped with, often against his will. He wants to do future jobs by himself and then takes the bricks to the recycling center. While en route, he is startled by Wilson playing a joke and accidentally drops the bricks, badly damaging a junction box in the process. The box breaks open, exposing wires and its electrical transformer.

A few seconds later, major electrical glitches occur in Chuggington: firstly, Vee malfunctions while Puffer Pete is about to be sent to the Safari Park to deliver a load of bananas, but instead receive faulty directions, including wrong tunnel colors and the destination being the farm. Koko witnesses the glitch, believing Vee's broken and goes to get Eddie to fix it.

Meanwhile, Wilson helps Hodge clean up the bricks when they notice the junction box bleeping and shut the doors with the crane, all with Hodge and Wilson claiming that's it's fixed, and Hodge tells Wilson not to tell Eddie about the accident, in fear of being grounded. However, further glitches occur elsewhere: after Vee gets fixed by Eddie, Chatsworth reports that signal lights and track switches keep changing and constantly redirect him back to the depot; Emery is delayed due to a signal light stuck on red; Dunbar's turntable unexpectedly spins out of control at the training yard; the Chug Wash and lights come on strangely, and Olwin gets redirected from the Safari Park to the Foundry.

After the turntable is fixed, Dunbar notifies Eddie to check the junction boxes, which there are 348 of. Wilson learns of the cause of the electrical problems and tells Hodge about the escalated situation and that it can only be resolved if he tells Eddie about the accident despite his worry of being treated like a baby. Hodge acknowledges his accident to Eddie, and he fixes the broken junction box transformer at the brick crash site.

Hodge and Eddie make a deal that he can do tasks independently but must remember to notify Eddie of any accidents or problems. All the glitches problems have been fixed, and Hodge no longer feels like a baby.


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  • Going by production order, this is the thirty-first episode of the first season.
  • This is the first episode for a few things:
    • The first episode to air in 2009.
    • The first episode to be written by Charles Hodges.
    • The first episode to acknowledge junction boxes.
  • Felix whistles part of the chorus to the opening theme song, Honk Your Horns.
  • This episode marks the only time that the junction boxes are referred to by name.
  • After Vee's screen mistakenly shows grey, Pete says, "...But there isn't a grey tunnel, unless I've gone colourblind." But in the US dub, instead of his "colourblind joke," he says, "Unless I'm missing something."


  • Eddie is hovering above the floor when he and Hodge leave the inside of his workshop.
  • Hodge's wheels clip through the switches beside the junction box.
  • Hodge's wheels do not move when he enters the Training Yard.
  • Olwin's pipe clips through her side valences in the scene of her and Vee at the Foundry.

Other Languages

Language Title
French Hodge fait des cachotteries
German Hodges Geheimnis
Japanese ホッジとチームワーク
Polish Hugo i jego tajemnica
Spanish El secreto de Hodge (Latin America)

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