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Hodge is a one of a kind chugger who lives in Chuggington. His name derives from the fact that he was built from a hodge-podge of parts- refurbished metal from the scrapyard.


Hodge was originally a trainee with Zephie, who is still a good friend of his to this day. After finishing training, Hodge began working with Eddie, a young mechanic who then lived in Tootington with his parents. Some time after this, Hodge, with the help of Wilson, Brewster and Koko would help Eddie find a home in Chuggington after him showing up late for work each day started to become a problem. Wilson would later assist Hodge in fixing a broken piece of track on the yellow line; after some mishaps (mostly due to the lack of cooperation between them both), the two could replace the track before Eddie arrived.

Amid a bad storm, Hodge would briefly fly in the air due to high winds and a tarp that hung from his roof; despite the slightly traumatic experience, Hodge fixed all of the broken things that Eddie was tasked with fixing during this time. Not long after, Hodge overheated while on the way to the annual rolling stock show, almost melting by the time that he was found by Eddie and Zephie. Hodge also hosted the Chug Quiz after Harrison failed to make it; but almost didn't himself, either, as he snapped his one of a kind front axle while hauling an extremely heavy load of track.

Later on, Hodge would assist Brewster in restoring power to the Docks' lighthouse, which after Cormac had acquired an over powered motor for his crane, causing it to use up nearly all of Chuggington's power, had turned off- nearly causing an incoming ship to run aground. Hodge would also participate in the Rip Roaring Relay Race alongside Emery, but lost to Tai and Rosa.


Hodge was still a trainee not long ago but has much experience. Hodge has his moments, but it can take a lot to get him excited; he has a bit of a "seen it all" attitude and is often a bit depressed. When he's not, though, he can be a great friend- though a bit blunt at times. Hodge tries hard to not get caught up in quarrels, and even if he does, he strives to be the bigger person. Despite this, Hodge can become frustrated very easily and often opts to give up.

Hodge assists Eddie, a mechanic who helps with fixing around Chuggington. Hodge often feels that Eddie underestimates him and treats him like a child, but he has come to understand that Eddie only acts that way because he cares about him. In all, Hodge, while not very enthusiastic, is a helpful chugger who, deep down, will always look out for his friends.

Technical Details


Although Hodge is not based on any actual locomotive and is of a freelance design, he resembles one of early modified Mack AC rail trucks. He is described in one episode by the mayor's nephew as being a "six-wheeled dandy diesel". He has a vague family resemblance to a wide range of railway cars built in several local railway company shops from a mixture of automobile, bus, truck, and railway car parts. Likely inspiration came from the USA's Rio Grande Southern "Galloping Goose" series of contrivances. Of the three preserved RGS "Galloping Goose" series of cars, Hodge most closely resembles RGS #6 (which has a flatbed truck frame on its rear) but with the stovepipe of RGS#7 (used for heating the passenger compartment - which on RGS #7 was partly created from wooden passenger coach parts). Hodge also lacks the vast snowplows used on the RGS machines. However, many such shop-built contraptions were assembled and used by small budget railway companies throughout the world, and each of them was uniquely built for local needs using parts on hand. Like his ancestors throughout the world, Hodge is a locally designed and built machine, created from whatever parts happened to be available to meet the specific needs of his railway.


Hodge is made from hodge-podge parts and is primarily reddish-brown; he also consists of teal, blue, olive green, red and black. As well as that, he has unpainted brass lining.




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  • Hodge used to be a trainee with Zephie as stated in Outward Bound Olwin. But according to most episodes this can't be true as Zephie is possibly too young to become a trainee.
  • He has a boiler chimney atop his roof.
  • Hodge's horn is less refined than the ones seen on other chuggers, showing some creases inside. This can be because he was made from recycled parts.
  • In some episodes, his voice can be dry and stressed.
  • Hodge is one of two of the smallest heavy hauling engines in Chuggington. The other is Calley.
  • His voice in the American dub deepened in Season 3 due to his voice actor, James Lukens hitting puberty.
  • Hodge is one of the only two chuggers without a front coupler (the other being Zephie), as he lacks a coupling hatch. However, he has been seen with one on several occasions. For example, in Mtambo's Royal Tour, he is seen without one, but when Mtambo couples up to him the coupling appears out of nowhere, despite still not having a hatch.
  • He is a one-of-a-kind chugger.
  • He got his name because he was made from a 'hodgepodge' of recycled parts.
  • Hodge is the only chugger to date with a 2-4-0 wheel arrangement.
  • As seen in Zephie's Star Club, he isn't interested in clubs, knowing the inevitable outcome of them falling apart.
  • In Polish, he is called "Hugo", in Czech, he is called "Brbla". and in Korean, he is called "Momo".
  • As shown in Quizmaster Hodge, in real life, Hodge’s basis is severely unsuitable for heavy loads or moving more rolling stock than what Hodge is actually capable of. In addition, Hodge should be suitable for track maintenance or very light freight power due to his horsepower and tractive effort.