High Rise Rescue


Alex Williams

Air Date

6th October, 2013 (UK)

6th December, 2013 (Canada)

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Park Patroller Wilson

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Winter Whiteout

High Rise Rescue is the 13th episode of Chuggington Season 4.


Hodge gets a new job cleaning windows on the high-rise building in the city. He is taking over from Old Puffer Pete who shows him what to do. Meanwhile, Jackman takes Wilson out for some fire safety training at the old power station. Wilson struggles to control the kickback from the hose.

Then Hodge gets stuck high up in the air when the window-cleaning riser platform breaks down. Eddie abseils the side of the building and attempts to fix the motor, but it is well and truly jammed. Even rescue expert Jackman doesn't have a clue how to get Hodge down.

Wilson, still reeling from the powerful kickback he experienced with the fire car hose, makes a suggestion. He tells Hodge to blast water at the side of the building at full force. It works. The pressure forces the platform to move and frees the motor. Hodge returns safely to the ground.



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