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“Woah! That's not a snowdrift, it's a snow mountain! We better turn back."
"'Turn back? Heheh, I'm the master blaster! Unstoppable! Say 'goodbye' drift!”
―Koko and Harrison

Heave Ho Harrison is the thirteenth episode of the second season.


On a snowy day, all the experienced chuggers (plus Wilson, Brewster and Koko, having earned their snow badges), go out to plow snow off the tracks all around Chuggington. Koko and Harrison leave to the yellow line. Harrison constantly brags about his snowploughing skills, and to show off, tries to plough through a ten meter high snowdrift. He inevitably gets stuck, and Koko has to recruit every available chugger to try to pull him out. Unfortunately, they aren't strong enough even together.

Meanwhile, Hoot and Toot, who, being the youngest trainees and were not allowed to leave the Depot, have sung a sleepy Chatsworth to sleep in the middle of The Loading Yard. When they realise sleeping out in the cold might not be the best idea, they wake him up, only to find out his engine has frozen. Vee tells Hoot and Toot and Chatsworth about the situation with Harrison. Chatsworth soon realizes Hoot and Toot could help him to perform a jumpstart. It works, and the chuggers set out to help get Harrison out of the snow drift.

Finally, all the chuggers of Chuggington manage to pull Harrison out together. Harrison is unaware that all the chuggers helped out and wants Koko to keep his embarrassing blunder a secret. However, he soon sees all the chuggers run past them.


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  • Some of the chuggers are missing their snow horns and lanterns in several scenes throughout the episode.
  • Olwin's front coupler is not extended (and therefore not coupled) while pulling Harrison out of the snowdrift.
  • Zephie is depicted with two couplers in this episode when in reality, she only has one. She technically could have helped pull Harrison out of the snow drift, albeit not in the middle of the pack.
  • In at least two shots of the long line of chuggers, Zephie is not present between Emery and Puffer Pete.
  • At the Safari Park, Mtambo is not coupled up to his snowplough, but it moves on its own regardless.
  • When Koko and Mtambo try to pull Harrison out of the snowdrift on their own, Mtambo's underbody is transparent.
  • When Chatsworth leaves for the site of the accident, his rear coupler is below his coupler hatch.
  • Frostini's coupler clips through his coupler hatch near the end of the episode.
  • In the UK and US dubs, David Gyasi and Angelo Cola go uncredited for voicing Mtambo and Frostini.