Heave Ho Harrison

Written by

Gerard Harris

Air Date

29th September 2010

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Snowstruck Wilson

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Heave Ho Harrison is the 13th episode of Season 2


On a snowy day, Koko and Harrison go out to plough the snow off the yellow line. Unfortunately Harrison becomes foolish that he thinks he can plough throgh a 10 meter high snowdrift, and inevitably gets stuck. His hump wedges him inside and prevents chuggers from pulling him out. Eventually Koko recruits every available chugger, and they managed to pull him out.

Meanwhile, Hoot and Toot have sang Chatsworth to sleep, and when they wake him up, his engine had frozen. When Hoot and Toot help Chatsworth to perform a jumpstart, he and Hoot and Toot help get Harrison out the snow drift.

Harrison is unaware that all the chuggers helped out and wants Koko to keep it a secret. Untill all the chuggers run past them.



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