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Background Information[]

Harry and Hamish are two fictional diesel locomotives created by Sarah Ball and Lorelei King.

They would appear together in the final few episodes of the fifth season, up until the sixth season where Harry has been removed from the series as part of Herschend Entertainment's attempt to minimize the cast of characters, leaving Hamish without a brother, as of yet, it is currently unknown if Harry will ever return.

Harry and Hamish's exact basis is unknown. Harry is painted both bright and dark orange with red and white lining, as well as a blue cab roof. Hamish has a similar colour pattern with the exception of him being painted bright and dark green instead of orange.

Harry has not appeared on the show since 2015.

Behind the Scenes[]

CGI Model[]

In 2014, both Harry and Hamish were modeled internally by Ludorum for the production of the fifth season.

Voice Actors[]



  • Richard Ridings (UK/US)
  • Ênio Vivona (Brazil)
  • Tim Grobe (Germany)
  • Bernardo Rodríguez (Latin America)
  • Andrzej Chudy (Poland; Season 5 only)
  • Mateusz Narloch (Poland; Season 6 onwards)