Harry and Hamish are a pair of diesels who work at the Docks. Harry wears an orange and blue livery while Hamish wears a green and blue livery respectively. Both chuggers are arguably the strongest in Chuggington.


Harry and Hamish are hard workers, but they both enjoy having a laugh and poking fun at the other Chuggers. Once, during a heavy ice storm, the two were unable to haul the diesel tankers to the depot, and in the end only delivered them with the help of Jackman, Asher, Koko, Pete and Olwin.

Some time after, Wilson overheard Hamish talking with Morgan in the repair shed about catching a ship, leading to him believing that Hamish was leaving Chuggington. After multiple attempts of stopping him which eventually lead to Hamish crashing at the quarry, Wilson, Brewster and Koko found out that the only thing leaving Chuggington on the ship was Hamish’s containers filled with apples that would soon be rotten.

Technical Details

Possible Basis

Harry and Hamish are based on the GE U50 diesel-electric locomotives designed for heavy switching and mainline freight duties.


Harry is painted orange and dark orange with red and white-outlined linings, as well as a black cab roof and red arrows with white outlines, while Hamish is painted green and dark green with red and white-outlined linings, as well as a dark blue cab roof and red arrows with white outlines.



  • Harry has not appeared since the Season 5 episode, Fletch Shines as part of Herschend Entertainment’s attempt to minimize the cast in Season 6, leaving Hamish without a brother.
  • Starting from Season 6 onwards, Richard Ridings provides a British accent for Hamish in the US dub as opposed to an American accent like in Season 5. The same case applied for Skipper Stu.
  • Harry's horn sounds similar to Russ's four steps lower, as Hamish's is Harrison's, also four steps lower.
  • Despite being voiced by the same actors in both dubs, Stephen Critchlow and Richard Ridings give Harry and Hamish an American accent in the US dub as opposed to their British accent in the UK dub. They are the fifth and sixth characters to be in this situation, the first being Harrison, the second being Asher, the third being Decka, and the fourth being Skipper Stu. This only applied for Hamish for Season 5 only however.
  • Harry and Hamish are the second twin chuggers to be introduced in the series. The first being is Hoot and Toot, although Harry and Hamish are not conjoint twins like Hoot and Toot are.
  • As stated in the episode The Record Breakers, Hamish (alongside Brewster) holds the record for the heaviest hopper-car haul.
  • Harry, Hamish and Russ are the only chuggers to date with a Bo-Bo-Bo wheel configuration.


Main Series

Discover Chuggington: All Aboard!

  • Chugging Home (Hamish only; cameo) and Docks Song (Hamish only)

Harry has not appeared on the show since 2015.


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