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Background information[]

Harrison is a fictional diesel-electric locomotive created by Sarah Ball.

He first appeared in the first episode of the series, Can't Catch Koko, and until his removal from the series, was one of the most prominent recurring characters.

Harrison is based on a Union Pacific Railroad M-10003 and is painted periwinkle with a silver lining.

Harrison has not appeared on the show since 2015.

CGI model[]

In 2007, Harrison was designed and modelled by Volume Studios in the 3D modelling software Sketchup for during production of the first series. The model was later exported to another software, Maya, for animation.[1] The model last appeared in the fifth series episode, Fletch Shines.


  • Series 2:
    • He receives the new coupler and chugger plaque design.
    • His horn stand becomes slightly taller.


Texture variants[]

In addition to his standard livery, several other texture variants exist of Harrison's CGI model. These variants include:


  • For unknown reasons, Harrison, Koko, and Mtambo are the only chuggers introduced in the first series who can move their brows. Every character introduced following the first series can move their brows, and Wilson and Brewster's fourth series models have this ability.
  • Harrison's model was modified into two different chuggers who appeared in the background of the episodes Wake Up Wilson and Wilson and the Dinosaur.

Voice actors[]

  • Colin McFarlane (UK/US)
  • Ervin Bejleri (Albania)
  • Adalbert Turner Juci (Croatia)
  • Sasu Moilanen (Finland)
  • Tomasz Galbenisz (Hungary)
  • Kanji Suzumori (Japan)
  • Juan Guzmán (Latin America)
  • Juan Baltazar (Los Angeles Spanish dub)
  • Preben Olram (Norway)
  • Miłogost Reczek (Poland)
  • Igor Taradaikin (Russia)
  • Roberto Encinas (Spain)
  • Hans Wahlgren (Sweden)
  • Jeong Yeong-wung (South Korea)
  • Ion Abrudan (Romania)
  • Maurício Berger (Brazil)
  • Simon Zwiers (The Netherlands)