• Class: UPR M-10003
  • Voice: Colin McFarlane (both U.K. and U.S.) Juan Guzmán (Latin America)

Harrison is a blue American diesel-electric hybrid locomotive..


Smooth Harrison thinks he's the cat's whiskers (And the vents on his face even make him look a bit like a cat). He lives in the upper level of the roundhouses, the penthouse suite, accessible by an elevated turntable. Wilson hero-worships him. He has a high ego and can get carried away showing off. Despite various incidents, he is a hard worker and gets along well with his best friend Chatsworth.


Harrison is based on the Union Pacific Railroad M-10003.


  • Harrison is good friends with Chatsworth.
  • He is Wilson's role model and sometimes a mentor to Wilson.
  • Harrison was once a trainee with Chatsworth as stated in Watch Out Wilson.
  • He is easily a smarty-pants to the other chuggers.
  • In German and Latin America he is called "Harry", In Czech he is called Rychlovous (episodes 1-26, 53 onwards), which means Fastbeard. However, after it was revealed that there would be another chugger called "Harry", his naming in the German version was changed so that Harry is only a nickname now.
  • In Polish, he is called "Hektor".
  • In Hebrew his name is אוהד.
  • His windows resemble submarine portholes, and the hump resembles a Boeing 747.


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