• Class: UPR M-10003
  • Voice: Colin McFarlane (both U.K. and U.S.) Juan Guzmán (Latin America)

Configuration: Bo-Bo

Harrison is a blue American diesel-electric hybrid locomotive..


Smooth Harrison thinks he's the cat's whiskers (And the vents on his face even make him look a bit like a Lion). He lives in the upper level of the roundhouses, the penthouse suite, accessible by an elevated turntable. Wilson hero-worships him. He has a high ego and can get carried away showing off. Despite various incidents, he is a hard worker and gets along well with his best friend Chatsworth. In a variety of episodes, his ego causes him to arrogantly dismiss safety warnings and protocols, which end up causing him trouble, most notably in the episode Training Time, Harrison.


Harrison is based on the Union Pacific Railroad M-10003.


  • Harrison is mutual friends with Chatsworth.
  • He is Wilson's role model and sometimes a mentor to Wilson.
  • Harrison was once a trainee with Chatsworth as stated in Watch Out Wilson.
  • He is easily a smarty-pants to the other chuggers.
  • In German and Latin America he is called "Harry", In Czech he is called Rychlovous (episodes 1-26, 53 onwards), which means Fastbeard. However, after it was revealed that there would be another chugger called "Harry", his naming in the German version was changed so that Harry is only a nickname now.
  • In Polish, he is called "Hektor".
  • In Hebrew his name is אוהד (Fan)
  • His windows resemble submarine portholes, and the hump resembles a Boeing 747.


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