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Harrison is a blue American diesel-electric hybrid locomotive who first appeared in the first season.


Harrison was initially a trainee with Chatsworth; the two still sleep next to each other at the Roundhouses and generally perform the same jobs.

Harrison usually takes the daily night shift to Tootington to import goods, but after he broke down during the night, Wilson, Brewster and Koko were assigned to take the load the next evening. Even with Koko becoming immobile due to a power cut, leading to Wilson having to pull her back to the Depot, Brewster was able to get the entire night shift to Tootington on time.

Some time after this, Harrison was sent back to the Training Yard after failing horrendously to listen to Old Puffer Pete's advice, during a test run to see if Harrison was fit for pulling the royal coach. Harrison demonstrated his reckless moves to the trainees, leading Wilson (who idolizes him) to imitate him, nearly causing a derailment. Because of this, Harrison saw the error in his ways and promised to be better, especially around younger chuggers. Later that day, Harrison pulled the prince of Buffertonia around the Depot for all to see.

Harrison demonstrated the Super-Glide 100 at one of the annual rolling stock shows. He was also recruited to assist Brewster in hauling the demolisher for the Chuggineers, but broke down before he could even reach the Drop and Load Yard.

Not long after that, Harrison had to prepare for an important passenger test with Hanzo; after constantly thinking about a good place to end his tour for the test, Harrison realized that it would be interesting to show the passengers what goes on around Chuggington behind the scenes, remembering an important piece of advice given by Mtambo. Harrison was also one of the many chuggers affected by the major diesel shortage caused by extreme levels of ice.


Generally, one could say that Harrison believes himself to be the cat's whiskers- even his grill moves as if they were. With a massive ego, Harrison usually only cares about himself and will often act selfishly to save his reputation, even when someone is in trouble. For example, when Harrison running a red light caused Olwin to derail, he did stop to see if she was alright, but kept on speeding without a word- leaving Olwin to having to get her own self back on the tracks. Harrison also rarely thinks about the consequences of his actions, especially with his influence on the trainees, specifically Wilson, that can cause him to lose confidence in himself or attempt ridiculous things; such as Harrison discouraging Wilson about his mirrors, and Wilson trying to imitate Harrison doing a wheelie.

Even with his ego, Harrison does know when to stop and will try to help chuggers in dire situations, even if he may not learn from them. For example, when Wilson became lost and subsequently trapped in a tunnel, Harrison did feel worried and immediately went looking for him; thankfully, Action Chugger was able to rescue Wilson. Despite his faults and inability to learn from his actions, Harrison's colleagues do care about him and are willing to help him if he is in trouble, even if he may not do the same, as they hope that their generosity might finally make him realize the full error in his ways.

Technical Details


Harrison is based on Union Pacific Railroad's M-10003, M-10004, M-10005 and M-10006, four identical streamlined 2-car power car diesel-electric train sets that were delivered in May, June, and July 1936 from Pullman-Standard, with prime movers from the Winton Engine Corporation of General Motors and General Electric generators, control equipment and traction motors. However, in the show, Harrison is much shorter in length and doesn't have a booster car.


Harrison is painted periwinkle with silver linings.




Chuggington: Badge Quest

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Harrison has not appeared on the show since 2015.

Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Can't Catch Koko Koko Express

In the Season 3 episode, Gold Wheels, Harrison is incorrectly portrayed with a different horn which is a low pitched version of Fletch's.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Gold Wheels Gold Wheels


  • It has been stated that Harrison had to use mirrors when he was training to move backward, like Wilson.
  • Even though he has a different accent in both English dubs, he is the first character to have the same voice actor in said dubs.
  • In Germany and Latin America, he is called "Harry", In Czech he is called Rychlovous (episodes 1-26, 53 onwards), which means Fastbeard. However, after it was revealed that there would be another chugger called "Harry", his naming in the German version was changed so that Harry is only a nickname now.
  • In Polish, he is called "Hektor".
  • In Hebrew, his name was אוהד (Ohad).
  • His windows resemble submarine portholes, and the hump resembles a Boeing 747.
  • Harrison has not appeared on the show since the fifth season.
  • Despite being voiced by the same actor in both dubs, Colin McFarlane gives Harrison an American accent in the US dub instead of his British accent in the UK dub. He is the first character to be in this situation, the second being Decka, the third being Asher, the fourth being Skipper Stu, and the fifth and sixth being Harry and Hamish.