Hanzo is the leader and mentor of Speed Fleet.


Hanzo is the fastest Chugger from Japan. Mentor to Koko, Hanzo is sleek, streamlined, and has a photographic memory. He believes there is no greater honour than transporting passengers quickly, but always safely, to their destination. Respectful, dedicated and precise, Hanzo enourages fellow Speed Fleet chuggers to be the best they can through rigourous practice. As well as always extremely punctual.


Hanzo is most likely based on the Japanese Shinkansen E7/W7 Series. operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) and West Japan Railway Company (JR West) on the Hokuriku Shinkansen and Joetsu Shinkansen lines in Japan.They ran Tokyo between Nagano, until Hokuriku Shinkansen until Kanazawa in 2014. And they run Joetsu Shinkansen since 2018. Hanzo has gold wheels.


  • During production, he was originally going to be named "Benjiro".
  • Hanzo shares the same horn sound as Isabelle from Finley the Fire Engine.
  • His name comes from a famous Ninja, Hanzo Hattori.
  • Hanzo seems to be a train version of both Shu Todoroki from Cars 2 and Tsubasa from Planes, and even a train version of Jackson Storm from Cars 3.
  • He is fast, sleek, streamlined and ultra modern.
  • As revealed in The 3 Ways of the Track, he is the wisest chugger in Chuggington.




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