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“It's not fair! At least we get to see the Action Chugger movie."
"I don't want to go. We let Action Chugger down. He told us to keep recycling, and we cheated. We should finish the job. Even if we don't get our badges.”
―Toot and Hoot

Green Machines is the eighth episode of the second part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the thirty-fourth episode overall.


Hoot and Toot arrive at the Depot to meet Vee, who instructs them on how to earn their "green machines" badges- Hoot and Toot have to organize the rubbish around them in the Recycling Yard, separating the green and brown glasses and the plastic. As Hoot and Toot were organizing, Action Chugger flew right next to them, impressed by their hard work. He even offered to give a front row seat for the new premiere of his movie.

Toot, feeling impatient, wanted to get to the Drive-In as soon as possible, so just as she got the last car, she put it with the others without checking it first. The twins raced over to the Training Yard to earn their badge, but Vee denied it, leaving Toot confused and Hoot guilty. Despite not getting their badges, Hoot and Toot went to see the Action Chugger movie instead. But Hoot felt he knew what they did was wrong, and they should've done the job properly. This eventually affected Toot, so they rushed back to the Recycling Yard to earn their badge right. While organizing, Toot notices the badge in the pile of bottles. Vee couldn't give them the badge because they had to find it themselves.


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