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“I'm sorry, Hoot and Toot. I can't give/award you a Gold Wheel for what you did, in fact, I’m going to/I'll have to take one away.”

Gold Wheels is the first episode of the third season.


Wilson has been given the job to take Mayor Pullman around Chuggington and tells Hoot and Toot this. However, he forgets his coach; Hoot and Toot realise this and Hoot thinks they should give a coach to Wilson.

Meanwhile, Wilson meets Mayor Pullman and realises he has no coach; a few seconds later Hoot and Toot attach the coach onto Wilson's coupler, making Wilson thankful. Later, Hoot and Toot drive pass Vee, who stops them and tells them how proud of them she is, and she awards them with a Gold Wheel award, an award for when chuggers are good or learn something new. Hoot and Toot are very happy and drive to the Trainee Roundhouse where the Gold Wheel reward board is. The board goes off with lights and sounds and a Gold Wheel shows up on it, which Hoot and Toot celebrate. Brewster passes the roundhouse and tells Hoot and Toot they only need one more Gold Wheel until the whole board is filled, Hoot and Toot ask Brewster what happens next, and he replies by saying that Vee gives them a special reward.

Hoot and Toot decide they want another Gold Wheel now, and Hoot decides to find a way to get one. They're not sure how to get another one, though, and realise it's always a surprise when they get one, so they go and ask Brewster. He says Vee only gives them out for things like cleaning up, being helpful or even learning something, but not everyday cleaning up. He says that a Gold Wheel is awarded for something special without being asked. Hoot and Toot drive off, saying they have to be helpful.

Later, they meet Eddie at his workshop and Dunbar at the Rolling Stock Yard asking if they need help, but neither has room for them to help. So they go to Irving; he's finished cleaning the yard from track to tunnel but thanks them for asking. They ask if they could have a Gold Wheel, but Irving says they're being cheeky. They realise no-one needs help and decide to do something else instead.

Chatsworth drives pass with a car; Hoot and Toot ask him how to use it, but he says it's very complicated and he is in a rush. They then go to Old Puffer Pete and ask him how to be a steam engine, but he says they don't have the right parts to do so. Then, they meet Koko, who is delivering newspapers, and ask her how to deliver papers, but she replies by saying that she can't stop and people are waiting for newspapers. They say they are doing everything Brewster said, but there is nothing to clean up, no-one needs help and nobody has time to teach them something. They begin to think they will never get another Gold Wheel.

Later, Wilson has stopped at a platform, where Mayor Pullman says goodbye to Linda and goes back into the carriage. Koko pulls up with the newspaper car and sees that Wilson has a very important passenger. Wilson leaves in a rush and forgets to couple up to the carriage; Koko reminds him and he speedily goes back. Koko thinks Wilson would forget his wheels if they were not bolted onto him.

Hoot and Toot have asked Brewster what they could do. Brewster says Vee loves chuggers showing some get-up-and-go. Hoot asks what that is; Brewster replies by saying it's when you come up with ideas or do things yourself. Toot remembers there are a lot of wagons to learn how to use, and they can teach themselves.

First, they choose the ice cream car and the hose car. Toot loads too much ice cream and they fly onto Hoot with the hose car and the tracks; Hoot then shoots water all over the tracks and melts the ice cream. They decide to learn something else and think Irving can clean up the track. Later, they follow Chatsworth with the paint wagons. Without Chatsworth knowing, Toot sprays green paint all over Chatsworth; however, Chatsworth doesn't know this and carries on as normal. They choose an ambulance wagon but think the siren isn't working, so do the siren themselves. Next, they choose the magnet car and think it doesn't do anything, so they leave it with the magnet on, and all of Morgan's tools and equipment fly out of the workshop and onto the magnet. They go for a safari wagon, get it stuck in the yellow tunnel, and spray popcorn everywhere with the popcorn wagon. Eventually, they go to the Rolling Stock Yard, where there is only a flatbed left. They just go backward and forward with it as it doesn't do anything; they think this means they mastered it.

They go to Vee and tell her they learned how to use the flatbed; she wonders why many other wagons are out, and they say they are the ones they didn't know how to use and ask if they can have a Gold Wheel. Then all the chuggers (and Morgan) run into the mess the twins made. Vee says they can't have a Gold Wheel, but she takes one away instead and says the depot has to be how it was before. Hoot and Toot realise they have been selfish and haven't been thinking about other chuggers, and they tidy the depot.

Wilson comes up saying thanks for the carriage again and helps Hoot and Toot tidy the depot and put all the rolling stock back in the Yard; later, they go back to the Trainee Roundhouse and Vee gives them a Gold Wheel for learning a lesson.


Rolling Stock






  • Modified stock footage from Koko's New Look is used for when Wilson is in Chug Town.
  • Old Puffer Pete misnaming Hoot and Toot "Loop and Froot" may be a reference to the Kellogg's cereal brand, Froot Loops.
  • The Chug-Along from the Badge Quest episode Work Those Wheels is seen again, being picked up by the magnet that Hoot and Toot left on.
  • This is the first episode where Emery is voiced by Hugh Reynolds in the US dub, taking over from Troy Doherty.
  • This is marks Linda's final speaking appearance in the series.


  • Calley's coupling rods do not move in the scene of her passing by Wilson in Chug Town.
  • In the first scene that he appears in, Emery uses a stock-standard horn sound rather than his own.