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“I have three hours to come up with a masterpiece, AND YOU HAVE BROKEN MY MIXER!”

Frostini's Fruit Fandango is the twenty-eighth episode of first season.


Wilson is sent to the Ice Cream Factory to be Frostini's assistant and earn his Helper Badge. At the Ice Cream Factory, Mr. Knot, the Mayor's assistant, tells Frostini that his new ice cream has cheese in it, which, unfortunately, the Mayor's wife is allergic to. He failed to notify Frostini beforehand of the issue, so he rudely orders Frostini to quickly invent another new flavour of ice cream for the Mayor's banquet at the Chris Hadfield factory, which is to take place that evening. But, no matter what he asks the mixing machine to do, Frostini has a nervous breakdown and can't find a new flavour. He quickly becomes distant, irritated, and evasive from his assistant, Wilson. To make things worse, Wilson asks the mixing machine to make a new flavour but inadvertently overloads the machine, and it violently explodes. Frostini is furious with Wilson about the destroyed machine and orders him to leave, with the addition of serving ice cream to the Safari park children in the city after he has a Chug Wash.

At the Safari Park, Wilson tells Mtambo about Frostini's troubles. But the monkeys throw lots of fruit at Wilson for fun. Quickly, Wilson goes back to the depot for another wash. Meanwhile, Frostini has Morgan checking him with the Chug Scanner, which indicates nothing faulty with him - as it cannot pick up mental faults. Just as Wilson arrives back at the depot, Frostini smells the fruit on him. But Wilson thinks that he's in trouble with Frostini again, so he heads for the Chug-Wash. Frostini tells Wilson not to have a wash as he wants to know what fruit he can smell as it is the perfect new flavour of ice cream for the banquet. Once back at the Ice Cream Factory, Frostini and Wilson present their new "Frostini's Fabulous Fruit Fandango" ice cream to Mr. Knot, who finds it very tasty. Frostini quickly reminds Mr. Knot to save that new ice cream for the Mayor's banquet, and Wilson gets his Helper Badge.


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  • Going by production order, this is the thirty-ninth episode of the first season.
  • This marks the first episode to have Frostini as the main character.
  • The scenes where Wilson first enters the Ice Cream Factory were recycled in the Discover Chuggington: All Aboard! short, Ice Cream Song.

Other Languages

Language Title
French Frostini et le dessert surprise
German Frostinis Früchte Fandango
Japanese フロスティーニの傑作アイスクリーム
Polish Owocowe fandango Frostiniego
Spanish El Fandango de Frutas de Frostini (Latin America)

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