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"Here comes the Great Frostini!"
— Frostini's catchphrase from his Chuggington Interactive Railway toy

Frostini is an Italian ice cream chugger who works at the Ice Cream Factory. He first appeared in the first season episode, Late Again Eddie, but made his full introduction in Bang Klang Wilson.


Frostini is the incredibly passionate ice cream dispensing bright-yellow Chugger with an Italian accent. He is a very sleek and stylish chugger. He is glamorous and very outgoing and is famed by the children and especially Wilson. His job is to serve ice cream for free to all the people who inhabit Chuggington.

All the children in Chuggington listens out intently on hot days for Frostini's distinctive tune, announcing that some ice-tastic treats are on the way. Frostini is admired by the Trainees, especially Wilson, as they think his job is the best job in Chuggington. He has the most emotions than any other chugger, and can get mad or worried very easily as he always wants everything to be perfect, due to the stress of working at the ice cream factory, with little to no guests, and sometimes rude personnel, most notably in the episode "Frostini's Fruit Fandango".

He also does not particularly like Speedy, as he feels intimidated by his lack of empathy, most evident in "Frostini's Meltdown".

Technical Details

Possible Basis

Frostini is of a freelance design. Therefore, he isn't based on a specific prototype. However, he seems to be loosely based on the Pioneer Zephyr, with the addition of an ice cream dispenser for giving to the children.


Frostini is painted cool yellow with a brown roof and underbody and gray waves and two ice creams with pink scoops.




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  • In Hebrew, Frostini is named "שלגוני" (lit: "ice lolly" or "ice cream bar"). In Czech, his name is "Mrazíny". In Korean, his name is "Frost".
  • He is the first character to have the same voice actor and accent in both English dubs.
  • He sometimes speaks in the third person.
  • According to Frostini's True Calling, Frostini's true love is making ice cream.
  • Frostini is the first character to have a singing actor. In this case, Randy Crenshaw.
  • Frostini speaks with an Italian accent despite his basis being built from a different country.
  • He is one of two chuggers with a shovelnose design. The other being is Speedy McAllister.
  • His name is a portmanteau of "frosty" and "Houdini".
  • Frostini makes 67 flavours of ice cream, as established in Quizmaster Hodge.