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―Frostini's catchphrase

Frostini is an Italian ice cream chugger who works at the Ice Cream Factory in Chuggington.


Frostini is the incredibly passionate ice cream dispensing chugger with an Italian accent. His job is serving ice cream for free to all the people inhabiting Chuggington and being in charge of everything at the Ice Cream Factory - including creating the ice cream flavours. He is very sleek, stylish and glamorous - and extremely famed by the children of Chuggington, especially Wilson, who straight-out idolizes him.

While Frostini is usually very calm and outgoing, specialising in friendly customer service, he has a wider range of emotions than any other chugger in the series; he takes grand pride in his work, considering creating ice cream an art, and always wants everything to be perfect at the Ice Cream Factory. This sometimes causes him to feel very stressed out, and thus, when facing unexpected problems, he can get mad or worried very easily - getting himself into a total state and becoming extremely overdramatic during those instances.

Outside of those moments, though, Frostini gets along well with the other chuggers and is generally liked among them - especially Wilson, who - during the course of the series - he develops a mutual friendship with. However, Frostini does not particularly like Speedy, as he feels intimidated by his calm and casual attitude towards his work and his lack of empathy during his overdramatic moments, most evident in Frostini's Meltdown.

Technical Details

Possible Basis

Frostini is of a freelance design. Therefore, he isn't based on a specific prototype. However, he seems to be loosely based on the Pioneer Zephyr, with the addition of an ice cream dispenser for giving it to customers.


Frostini is painted cool yellow with a brown roof and underbody, including decals of grey waves and two ice cream cones with pink scoops.




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Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Bang Klang Wilson Pumpkin Spice Chuggers


  • In the Hebrew dub, Frostini is named "שלגוני" (lit: "ice lolly" or "ice cream bar"). In the Czech dub, his name is "Mrazíny". In the Korean dub, his name is "Frost" and in the Japanese dub, his name is "Furosutīni".
  • He is the first character to have the same voice actor and accent in both English dubs.
  • Frostini is the first character to have a singing actor. In this case, Randy Crenshaw.
  • He is one of two chuggers with a shovelnose design. The other being is Speedy McAllister.
  • His name is a portmanteau of "frosty" and "Houdini".
  • Frostini makes 67 flavours of ice cream, as established in Quizmaster Hodge.