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“Congratulations, Koko. You've earned your 'follow the leader' badge."
"Thanks, Vee. But I'm sharing it with Brewster and Wilson. I was the leader, but we're a team. Go, go, go..."
"Team Koko!”
―Vee, Koko, Wilson and Brewster

Follow the Leader is the twenty-first episode of the first part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the twenty-first episode overall.


Vee greets the trainees at the Roundhouses to tell them that it is time for them to try for the "follow the leader" badge- Koko asks to be the leader, and gets the role. After retrieving their rolling stock, Vee asks that the trainees complete the mail runs by 10AM. Koko has Wilson take the yellow line, and Brewster take the blue line, leaving the green line for her. Wilson and Brewster are unsure of their assigned roles, but Koko dismisses their worries. The three then set off.

Koko does fine, but Wilson and Brewster find themselves having trouble. Koko finds Wilson lost on her line, and when she takes him back to the suburbs, he is easily distracted by a passing Frostini. Annoyed, Koko goes to check on Brewster. When she arrives, she becomes cross with how slow Brewster is moving but soon hears Vee, who tells her that people are complaining that their papers are late. Brewster suggests to Koko that she lets the others do what they are good at, to which Koko goes to the suburbs to come up with a new plan.

Koko has her and Brewster swap lines for efficiency, and Wilson follows Frostini as he is doing his round on the yellow line. All goes well, and the three trainees finish the run, just as the clock strikes ten. Koko returns to the Training Yard to earn her badge, and states that she will be sharing it with Brewster and Wilson, saying that she is the leader, but they are a team.


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  • Going by production order, this is the twenty-first episode of Badge Quest.
  • Despite not being named and appearing at a different home, Zip from Koko's Puppy Training makes a brief appearance.

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