Fletch Shines is the 10th and final episode of Season 5.


After a fire breaks out inside the lighthouse during the night, the Chuggineers are needed to replace the top section. However, due to a crack in the track in need of urgent repair, Fletch is the only Chuggineer available- he soon learns that being in charge is not the easiest thing.



  • This episode marks the last of several things:
    • The last episode to be produced by Ludorum.
    • The last episode where most of the characters are voiced by their original US dub voices, and starting from Season 6 onwards, they were recasted with new US dub voices.
    • The last episode where James Goode and Richard Ridings give Skipper Stu and Hamish American accents in the US dub.
    • Fletch, Tyne, Harry, Russ, Daley, Speedy, Harrison, Olwin, Chatsworth and Captain Charlie’s last appearances.
    • The last episode where Wilson, Brewster and Koko were voiced by Edward Sharpe, Toby Davies and Imogen Bailey in the UK dub, and Tony Terraciano, Miles Harvey and Brigid Harrington in the US dub.
    • The last episode to feature the We Are Chuggineering song.
    • The last episode to have music composed by Chris McHale.
    • The last episode to air before the show went on a five-year hiatus.
    • The last episode to be released under the original title of the show.
    • The last episode to air in the UK dub first until the Season 6 episode, Brewster's Greatest Gift.


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