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“This can't happen again. We need excellent communication at all times."
"Yes, Chief."
"Hmm. What Chug Patrol needs is a first responder.”
―Jackman, Wilson, Calley and Asher

First Responder Calley is the first episode of the fifth season.



Calley begins to feel that she has no purpose on the Chug Patrol team- however, she seems to have found the perfect job.


One hot day, Calley begins to feel that she has no purpose on the Chug Patrol team. She worries about herself so much that she nearly crashes into Emery and accidentally leaves Harrison stranded on the line for hours.

Thinking of how an event like the latter could be prevented, Jackman holds a contest between Asher and Calley on who could be Chug Patrol's "first responder". After many struggles and doubts, Calley gets the job.


Rolling Stock[]






  • This marks the first episode for a few things
    • The first episode of the fifth season.
    • The first episode to air in the United States first before in the United Kingdom.
    • The first and only episode for Calley to have a lead role.
  • This episode marks the last for a couple things:
    • Payce's last speaking role to date, as she would make her final appearance briefly in Delivery Challenge.
    • Dr. Gosling's last appearance to date.
    • The last episode to have Ruth Zielinski as part of the UK voice cast before she retired from voice acting.


  • Old Puffer Pete has a different whistle sound in the episode.
  • When Wilson, Jackman and Asher leave CPHQ, Calley's horn is raised up slightly from the center of her Chug Patrol siren.