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“Wilson! Did you not hear that?"
"Sorry, Vee! It's hard to concentrate with that loud... Oh, no! That was the alarm, wasn't it?"
"You have to pay attention, Wilson.”
―Vee and Wilson

Fire Warden Wilson is the third episode of the second part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the twenty-ninth episode overall.


Wilson head to the depot to meet Vee, who instructs him on how to earn his "fire warden" badge. Wilson is fitted with a siren. When he hears a load alarm, Wilson excavates everyone from the area, although Vee won't tell him when it will begin, so Wilson will have to be alert for the alarm.

Wilson meets up with Koko, who was practicing her speed in the Training Yard. He tells her all about his badge and how he has to tell people what to do, to which he starts practicing his voice. Brewster was just getting cleaned up at the Chug wash when Wilson scared him with a false alarm. Feeling a little embarrassed, Wilson decided to practice in the Rolling Stock Yard, where he can't get into much trouble. The alarm sounded while tuning his voice, but Wilson buzzed it off as it was too loud to concentrate. Feeling even more silly for missing the alarm, Vee gave him one more chance.

Brewster and Koko rolled-up along side Wilson asking if he wanted to watched a new Action Chugger Movie. As tempting as it was, Wilson respectfully refused so he wouldn't miss the alarm again. Poor Wilson stayed up all night to hear the alarm again. Feeling worried for her friend, Koko advised him to get some rest, and Wilson did so, thinking he wouldn't get his badge. Just then, the alarm sounded again, and this time Wilson got up and evacuated everyone from the Roundhouses safe and sound.

Wilson goes to the Training Yard the next morning to meet Vee to earn his badge.


Rolling Stock[]






  • In the Chug Wash, Brewster was singing a variation of the theme song, but changed the lyrics to "Chug Wash".
  • This marks the last time for the siren to be used after the first season episode, Zephie's Zoomaround.

Other Languages[]

Language Title
French Wilson, chef de sécurité incende

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