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“Stop what you're doing, don't hide inside."
"Exit immediately, leave your cargo behind."
"Remember not to panic, take care when you go."
"Ride safely to the meeting point, that's what you should know.”
―Koko, Brewster and Wilson saying the fire safety rules

Fire Safety is the tenth episode of the first part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the tenth episode overall.


The trainees arrive at the Depot to meet Vee, who tells them how to earn their "fire safety" badges- they must do their work as normal, but listen out for the fire alarm. Emery greets the trainees at the farm, where Koko also mistakes a cow's moo for the fire alarm, but Brewster corrects her by saying it was a cow.

Inside the Ice Cream Factory, the trainees drop off their cargo when the fire alarm goes off. Koko leaves quickly, but Wilson and Brewster stay put, believing it to be a false alarm. Brewster then remembers the rules, and he and Wilson quickly start their way through the factory. However, Brewster leaves his boxcar on a set of points, only to end up leaving Wilson trapped. He bumps into it and the milk spills everywhere and Vee turns the fire alarm off and tells Wilson and Brewster that it was only a drill, but scolds them for not following the fire rules at all and they apologized for not doing this. They were politely told that Koko has earned her fire safety badge, but they have not earned theirs.

Wilson and Brewster are cleaning up the mess when they see smoke coming from the vents. The fire alarm goes off, and the two quickly evacuate the factory. At the meeting point, Vee explains that what had just happened was not a drill and that one of the machines overheated and caught fire.

The three trainees return to the Training Yard to earn their badges.


Rolling Stock[]






  • When Calley races through the countryside towards the Ice Cream Factory, animation data from Koko and the Tunnel is reused with the Fire Car replacing her usual rescue wagon.


  • Going by production order, this is incorrectly the eleventh episode of Badge Quest.
  • Before Wilson and Brewster evacuate the Ice Cream Factory, Brewster's coupler is shown to be floating as it is not attached to his base.
  • As Calley enters the Ice Cream Factory, her coupling rods are not moving at the speed of her wheels.
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