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Fire Patrol Rescue is a US DVD featuring four episodes from the fourth season and two episodes from the second season. It would be distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment in the United States.


Meet Fire Chugger Asher! In this latest collection of Chuggington adventures, Wilson sets out on fire patrol Duty with his friend Asher and learns to use a fire hose in a rescue! Also, there is a friendly contest of Chug Patrol versus Speed Fleet; Hodge finds himself in a high rise jam; and all the Chuggers practice emergency drills at the roundhouse. In these 6 exciting episodes - plus New Chugger Spotlights, a Bonus Badge Quest Episodes, and coloring sheets - Wilson, Asher, Brewster, and the others discover the importance of community service and working together.


  1. Blazin' Wilson
  2. Round Up Wilson
  3. High Rise Rescue
  4. Park Patroller Wilson
  5. Stop The Press, Emery
  6. Scrub-A-Chug

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