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The Festival of Lights, also known as the Parade of Lights is a special winter event that happens every year in Chuggington. Each year, chuggers get fitted with special L.E.D lights and have a grand parade at night glowing on the tracks. Frostini also carves an ice sculpture of a chugger who he thinks earns it for the year.


When on their way to Chug Town to make it for the Festival, Koko and Mayor Pullman get trapped on Rocky Ridge Mountain with the fog making it hard to see. Jackman led Wilson over to find Koko and the Mayor just before the Festival began. But just as the fog got thicker, Wilson lost all communication with Jackman and was also stranded on the mountain. Soon, after a thought with an owl, Wilson figured out a way to locate Koko and the Mayor. He blasted his horn for them to hear. Koko did hear it and honked her horn as well, and at last, Wilson found them. To make it back in time, Koko used her speed booster to get them to the Festival of Lights as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile in the city, all the other chuggers were waiting for the Mayor to start to festival. But of course, she was running late. Old Puffer Pete made the decision to start the festival anyways, for the Mayor's sake. Soon enough, Koko, Wilson and Mayor Pullman reached the celebration just in time. Wilson finally got in contact with Jackman and got to see his carving on the ice sculpture. [1]

Another winter, the trainees decided to help a homesick Rosa up to San Locomota for the holidays to celebrate the Noche de Estrellas. Sadly, they couldn't make it through the High Mountain Pass as an avalanche would come and run them over. Luckily, for her quick thinking, Rosa led Wilson, Brewster, and Koko out of the snow and back home to Chuggington.

Cold, tired, and sad, Rosa decided not to go to the Festival of Lights and just sit in her roundhouse instead. To cheer her up, the trainees made arrangements to have the Noche de Estrellas there in Chuggington just for her, making Rosa's first winter, the best winter she ever had. [2]


  • In Winter Whiteout, the Festival of Lights were originally referred to as the "Parade of Lights", but then were later referred to as the "Festival of Lights" in Chugging Home for the Holidays.
  • In Chugging Home for the Holidays, Frostini did not have an ice sculpture like he did before; likely because Skylar was not around to carve it this time.
  • The chuggers can turn their lights on and off.



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