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“Take control. Be fearless, Wilson!"
"I'm not afraid."
"You can do it! He has mastered it!”
―Hanzo and Wilson

Fearless Wilson is the sixteenth episode of the fourth season.


Brewster and Zack are putting up a retaining wall along the edge of the river. Meanwhile, at the Chug-a-sonic Speedtrack, Wilson struggles to master Chug Patrol 2, the speed booster wagon under Hanzo's guidance. When Brewster drops a cage into the river and tries to retrieve it, he overreaches, and his crane topples into the water pulling Brewster with it. Zack and Jackman try to pull him out, but even two strong chuggers aren't enough to stop him from slipping further into the water. Wilson must overcome his issues with the speed booster and get to the river super-fast to help his friend.


Rolling Stock[]







  • Speedy's coupling rods do not move in the beginning scene of the episode.
  • The Spray Shed was removed from the Depot between Seasons 3 and 4 to make room for the CPHQ. However, when Wilson is entering the CPHQ, it can be seen beside the Repair Shed.
  • In the UK dub, Vee mentions the Rolling Stock Yard, despite the fact that it was removed to make way for The Working Wheels Yard.
  • Brewster's front bogie and coupler become covered in dirt before they touch the ground.
  • For unknown reasons, the shot of Hanzo saying, "He has mastered it!" is mirrored. Because of this, Hanzo is facing the opposite direction and the scenery and the tracks of the Speed Track are on the wrong side.
  • After Wilson passes the Countryside Crossing, he can be seen flying off the tracks.