Famous Emery

Written By

Merlin Ward
Lorelei King

Air Date

9th April 2009

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Famous Emery is the thirtieth episode in the first season of Chuggington


Emery is taking a film crew to Chuggington. They have to shoot movie about all the chuggers. First they film Olwin having a chug wash. Next they film Harrison going out from his roundhouse. Then it´s Old Puffer Pete´s turn. He mentions Speedy McAllister and Canonball Cooper. Next is Hodge. As he´s talking, he suddenly crashes into some boxes, which will fall down. At last, it´s Emery´s turn to be filmed. In fact the film crew is filming Brewster stopping at the station with some passangers. When it will be seen at the ride in movie , all the chuggers will see it and offends. Emery said about Olwin, that she farted out steam after her chug wash , Hodge is clumsy, & Old Puffer Pete, that is talking so much, that you can fall asleep. They all leave and Emery has to say sorry to all of them.



  • Speedy McAllister is talked about in season 1 but not seen until season 2.
  • When film's crew film Old Puffer Pete,Chatsworth had seen in 3 times for cameo
  • The chuggers were said to be shown on T.V, but they were shown at the ride-in movie.
  • At the very beginning, after Emery shows Wilson the "caterpillar" and then drives past him, you can see both of Emery's eyes turn blue. (Although only one eye should be blue)


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