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“What I should have said was: Olwin is an engine with such style and grace, and Hodge always puts a smile on my face. If you want a great story, give Puffer Pete a call. Chuggington really is the best place of all. I tried to be funny, but my jokes went too far. Having friends means much more than being a star... please forgive me. ”
―Emery apologizing

Famous Emery is the thirtieth episode of the first season.


Emery is taking a film crew to make a movie about the chuggers to Chuggington. Olwin is sure that Emery, known for his sense of humor, would become a movie star. First, the crew films Olwin having a chug wash. Next, they film Harrison coming out of his roundhouse. Then it's Old Puffer Pete's turn. Pete tells an extremely long story about the old days, mentioning Speedy McAllister and Cannonball Cooper and causing the film crew to fall asleep. Next is Hodge. As he's talking, he suddenly crashes into some boxes, causing them to fall down. When the film crew wants to film a passenger chugger, Emery thinks it's finally his turn. He's disappointed to find out they are actually filming Brewster, who's doing Emery's passenger runs for the day. However, when Action Chugger has no time to narrate the movie, Emery lands the job of narrator, and he's sure the movie will be the funniest one ever.

However, when the movie is shown at the Ride-In, Emery's narration ends up offending the other chuggers. They all leave, and Emery realizes he took his jokes way too far. He apologizes for the others, now understanding that friends are more important than fame.


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  • Going by production order, this is the twenty-seventh episode of the first season.
  • This marks the first time Speedy McAllister has been referred to until his debut in the second season episode, Frostini's Meltdown.
  • This is the only time Cannonball Copper is mentioned throughout the series until the sixth season episode, The Spooky Chugger.
  • One of the co-writers for this episode, Merlin Ward, came in as a special assistant to write an episode about filmography.


  • The chuggers were said to be shown on television, but they were shown at the ride-in movie.
  • At the beginning scene, after Emery shows Wilson the "caterpillar" and then drives past him, Emery's right iris is blue as opposed to being green.
  • At the Chug Wash, Olwin's pipes cut through her body.
  • Action Chugger's jet pack and wing briefly clip through one of Emery's horns when he lands on the Elevated Track.
  • Emery's yellow doors and orange lining are left uncoloured in the scene where Pete, Hodge, and Olwin roll up beside him.

Other Lanuages

Language Title
French Le Célèbre Emery
German Lukas – Superstar
Japanese エメリーの辛口ナレーター
Polish Sławna Emilka
Spanish El Famoso Emery (Latin America)

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