Explorer Koko


Kate Scott

Air Date

2nd October, 2013 (UK)
2nd December, 2013 (Canada)

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Track Laying Brewster

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The Old Silver Mine Line

Explorer Koko is the 9th episode from Season 4 of Chuggington.


The mayor of Chuggington and her guests are taking a tour in Tootington and Koko must get them there in time. Along the way, Koko runs into all sorts of delays and problems. She has to make several detours and her carriage has a mechanical problem.

When Koko finally reaches the meeting place for the tour, she is devastated to find that they have missed it. The mayor isn't upset though; she thinks that Koko's trip around Chuggington was fantastic and it should become a regular tour.


  • Koko's delays include: a broken carriage, a closed track and many detours
  • Frostini, Wilson and the Chuggineers distract and escort Koko safely.



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