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This is the Chuggington Wikia Episode Guide. Chuggington originally started on 29th September 2008. There are 174 normal 10-minute episodes, 7 24-minute specials, 46 Badge Quest episodes and 26 Discover Chuggington shorts.

Series Overview

Series Episodes UK Releases US Releases
First aired Last aired First aired Last aired
1 52 29 September 2008 11 May 2009 18 January 2010 29 November 2010
2 26 13 September 2010 15 December 2010 14 February 2011 16 December 2011
3 14 28 November 2011 15 December 2011 26 March 2012 3 August 2012
4 26 26 August 2013 21 April 2014 20 October 2013 5 December 2014
5 10 18 May 2015 29 May 2015 6 March 2015 28 November 2015
6 46 2 January 2021 19 December 2021 29 June 2020 1 November 2021
Specials 7 26 August 2013 19 December 2021 20 October 2013 9 August 2021
Badge Quest 46 24 July 2010 14 February 2012 18 January 2010 3 August 2012
Discover Chuggington 26 7 January 2021 6 April 2021 13 April 2020 30 November 2020

Series 1

Screenshot UK/US title Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
Can'tCatchKokopromo11 Can't Catch Koko Sarah Ball and Diane Redmond 29th September 2008 #01
The trainees volunteer to take the nightshift for a broken-down Harrison, but a power cut leaves Koko stranded.
WilsonandtheElephantpromo Wilson and the Elephant Julie Jones 30th September 2008 #02
Wilson takes Ebo to the new Safari Park, but hijinks ensue when Ebo breaks away.
BrakingBrewsterpromo2 Braking Brewster Sarah Ball and Kate Fawkes 1st October 2008 #03
Wilson and Brewster are sent to the mountain quarry for the first time, but a chase begins once Brewster starts rushing.
KokoandtheTunnelpromo2 Koko and the Tunnel Sarah Ball 2nd October 2008 #04
Koko and Wilson go through one of the Depot tunnels to see what is on the other side, but find themselves in trouble when they realise that they do not know how to use points.
LateAgainEddie112 Late Again Eddie Diane Redmond 3rd October 2008 #05
Hodge gets the help of the trainees to find a new home for Eddie once he starts being continuously late to work each day.
BangKlangWilsonpromo Bang Klang Wilson Ian Carney 6th October 2008 #06
Old Puffer Pete gives Wilson his rusty old ice cream wagon for his test to earn his ice cream badge.
KokoandtheSquirrelspromo2 Koko and the Squirrels Ian Carney 7th October 2008 #07
Koko realises that there is nothing wrong with going slow once she has an accident.
HodgeandtheMagnetpromo Hodge and the Magnet Sarah Ball 8th October 2008 #08
Wilson and Hodge attempt to repair the yellow line themselves as Eddie is late for work.
ClunkyWilsonpromo Clunky Wilson Sarah Ball and Kate Fawkes 9th October 2008 #09
Wilson damages his wheel during a race, but it scared of going to the repair shed.
TheChuggerChampionshipspromo9 The Chugger Championship Sarah Ball and Claudia Silver 10th October 2008 #10
Koko has to choose wether to tow Wilson to safety or keep moving and win the Chugger Championship race once he breaks down.
CoolWilson74 Cool Wilson Ian Carney 13th October 2008 #11
Wilson is exited to learn that his idol Frostini is looking for helpers during the school holidays.
OldPufferPete'sTourpromo2 Old Puffer Pete's Tour Simon Jowett 14th October 2008 #12
During a delivery with Old Puffer Pete, the trainees discover an abandoned town in the countryside.
BrewsterGoesBananaspromo4 Brewster Goes Bananas Simon Jowett 15th October 2008 #13
Brewster delivers some feed to the safari park, unaware that he has a monkey stowaway on board.
Zephie'sZoomaroundpromo6 Zephie's Zoomaround Rachel Murrell 16th October 2008 #14
Morgan fits Zephie with a siren for emergencies, but Zephie cannot resist setting it off at every opportunity.
Wilson'sSmoothMovespromo Wilson's Smooth Moves Lorelei King 17th October 2008 #15
The trainees learn how to carry passengers safely with dummy wagons, but Wilson cannot get the hang of it.
ActionBrewster79 Action Brewster Ian Carney 7th November 2008 #16
Brewster worries that he will not be able to see the new Action Chugger movie with the deliveries Irving has given him.
Koko'sPuppyTraining129 Koko's Puppy Training Cate Lieuwen 10th November 2008 #17
Koko finds a lost puppy and wants to keep it, but learns that taking care of a pet is no easy task.
KokoOnCallpromo2 Koko on Call Sarah Ball and Brenda Scott Royce 12th November 2008 #18
A giraffe at the safari park is having a baby, and Koko is given the job of helping out.
OutwardBoundOlwin103 Outward Bound Olwin Mark Caven 13th November 2008 #19
Olwin takes the trainees on an outward-bound training course, but soon looses them once they become trapped in Old Town with fog about.
BrewsterAndTheDragon153 Brewster and the Dragon Mark Caven 14th November 2008 #20
After a storm causes many of the safari park animals to escape, word gets out that one of them may have been a dragon.
WakeUpWilsonpromo Wake Up Wilson Ian Carney 17th November 2008 #21
Wilson stays up all night at a price, and finds that he cannot stay awake during his mail deliveries.
BrewsterKnowsBest125 Brewster Knows Best Ross Hastings 18th November 2008 #22
During a sign reading exercise for the trainees, Brewster's patience pays off when he meets his hero Action Chugger at the ride-in cinema.
KokoPullsitOff44 Koko Pulls it Off Jimmy Hibbert 19th November 2008 #23
Koko is very upset once she fails her passenger test, managed by the less than desirable examiner Mr. Simkins.
WilsonandtheIceCreampromo5 Wilson and the Ice Cream Jimmy Hibbert 20th November 2008 #24
Wilson is distracted by a tour of the ice cream factory from Frostini during a delivery to the market.
Wilson'sWackyTourpromo Wilson's Wacky Tour Brenda Scott Royce 21st November 2008 #25
Wilson gets impatient during a training lesson from Mtambo about being good tour guides.
WilsonGetsAWashpromo Wilson Gets a Wash Ian Carney 3rd December 2008 #26
A dirty Wilson, not wanting to be clean, goes out of his way to stay far away from the Chug Wash.
Hodge'sSecret17 Hodge's Secret Charles Hodges 6th April 2009 #27
Chaos ensues once Wilson causes Hodge to break a junction box, and Hodge not wanting help from Eddie.
Frostini'sFruitFandangopromo3 Frostini's Fruit Fandango Jimmy Hibbert and Sarah Ball 7th April 2009 #28
Wilson assists Frostini in producing a new ice cream flavor for the mayor's banquet.
ZephieAceReporter87 Zephie Ace Reporter Jimmy Hibbert 8th April 2009 #29
Zephie is given the important job of transporting newspaper reporter Rag and photographer Snap, who are doing a story about Morgan's new rail-going cycle.
FamousEmerypromo Famous Emery Merlin Ward and Lorelei King 9th April 2009 #30
When a television crew comes to make a documentary about Chuggington, Emery sees his chance for stardom.
WatchOutWilson!145 Watch Out Wilson! Lorelei King and Sarah Ball 10th April 2009 #31
Wilson has an accident during a training course involving pushing a piece of rolling stock around a figure-eight- backwards.
Brewster's Hobby Brewster's Hobby Ross Hastings 13th April 2009 #32
Brewster comes up with a distracting hobby during a delivery to the builders' yard- people spotting.
Zephie'sMonkeyBusinesspromo Zephie's Monkey Business Rachel Murrell and Sarah Ball 14th April 2009 #33
Zephie is excited to take the vet to see the animals at the safari park, but is scared about the monkeys.
PoorOldPufferPete126 Poor Old Puffer Pete Brenda Scott Royce and Sarah Ball 15th April 2009 #34
Brewster and Zephie are worried that Pete is bound for the scrapyard, and do his jobs to keep him in service.
InspectorEmerypromo Inspector Emery Brenda Scott Royce and Sarah Ball 16th April 2009 #35
The inspector is on their way to Chuggington to conduct the Depot's annual inspection, so the chuggers swing into action to get everything ready.
NurseWilson174 Nurse Wilson Diane Redmond 17th April 2009 #36
Dunbar loses his voice during a lesson about using an ambulance wagon, so Wilson decides to attempt to make him feel better.
Mtambo'sAmazingAdventurepromo4 Mtambo's Amazing Adventure Brenda Scott Royce and Sarah Ball 20th April 2009 #37
Mtambo longs for adventure in his life so that he has new stories to tell.
RockAByeChatsworthpromo Rock-a-Bye Chatsworth Jimmy Hibbert 21st April 2009 #38
Chatsworth wants a nap, but everything and everyone conspires to keep him awake.
HelpfulHodgepromo2 Helpful Hodge James Mason 22nd April 2009 #39
Koko challenges Hodge to a competition- whoever does the most jobs that day wins.
BrewstertotheRescue127 Brewster to the Rescue Sarah Ball 23rd April 2009 #40
After a discouraged Brewster does poorly during a lesson on rescuing, he takes it upon himself to rescue Chatsworth, who's train is on fire.
WilsonandthePaintWagonpromo Wilson and the Paint Wagon James Mason 24th April 2009 #41
Wilson has trouble concentrating while mastering the paint wagon, so Pete takes him to Old Town for extra lessons.
Eddie Finds Time Eddie Finds Time Sarah Ball and Lorelei King 27th April 2009 #42
Eddie goes to Old Town to try and find a part once the Depot clock stops working.
Mtambo'sRoyalTour171 Mtambo's Royal Tour Sarah Ball and Lorelei King 28th April 2009 #43
Mtambo prepares for a tour of the safari park with the king of Buffertonia.
WilsonandtheWildWind132 Wilson and the Wild Wind James Mason and Sarah Ball 29th April 2009 #44
The Depot is struck with severe winds after Wilson messes with Dunbar's new storm simulator.
OldPufferPete'sFireboxpromo5 Old Puffer Pete's Firebox Jimmy Hibbert 30th April 2009 #45
A search for a new firebox for Pete begins once his old one becomes worn out.
JetPackWilsonpromo Jet Pack Wilson Sarah Ball 1st May 2009 #46
After a training lesson with Action Chugger, Wilson tries on one of the jet packs and is hurdled into the air.
Brewster'sLittleHelperpromo Brewster's Little Helper Lorelei King 4th May 2009 #47
A discouraged Zephie attempts to help Brewster with his jobs for the day, but, unfortunately, does not do them well.
BubblyOlwinpromo2 Bubbly Olwin Sarah Ball and Jimmy Hibbert 5th May 2009 #48
A magazine photographer is coming to Chuggington to do a feature on steam trains, and Olwin is determined to look her best for her picture, but does not notice a bottle of soap land in her water tank.
Koko Takes Charge Koko Takes Charge Charles Hodges, Sarah Ball and Lorelei King 6th May 2009 #49
Irving leaves Koko in charge of the recycling yard, but does not listen to his instructions.
Wilson'sPaperTrail172 Wilson's Paper Trail Sarah Ball 7th May 2009 #50
Wilson picks up a roll of special paper for the printers, but soon gets distracted.
PufferPete'sBigShowpromo2 Puffer Pete's Big Show Sarah Ball 8th May 2009 #51
The mayor arranges for a special show to commemorate Old Puffer Pete's one-hundred and fiftieth anniversary.
TrainingTime,Harrisonpromo Training Time Harrison Jimmy Hibbert 11th May 2009 #52
Harrison goes back to the training yard once he causes a few accidents during the race to get the job of pulling the royal choach.

Series 2

Screenshot UK/US title Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
Koko'sNewLookpromo Koko's New Look Sarah Ball 13th September 2010 #01 (53)
When Koko sees the design that Lori has painted on Zephie's face, she wants one too.
Frostini'sMeltdownpromo2 Frostini's Meltdown Phil O'Shea 14th September 2010 #02 (54)
A power failure threatens to melt all of Frostini's ice cream.
BabysitterBrewsterpromo Babysitter Brewster Emma Reeves and Sarah Ball 5th September 2010 #03 (55)
Brewster struggles to keep an eye on mischievous trainees Hoot and Toot.
LightsCarmraActionChuggerpromo9 Lights Camera Action Chugger Sarah Ball and Jacquelyn Bell 16th September 2010 #04 (56)
Brewster is a little envious of Emery's appointment as an assistant on the film set of a new Action Chugger movie, but he soon experiences something even greater.
ChugofWarpromo Chug of War
Wilson and the Steam Team
Sarah Ball and Lorelei King 17th September 2010 #05 (57)
When the majority of the chuggers are reluctant to go and clean out the mines, Speedy proposes that they settle it the old steam chugger way.
HodgeSailsAwaypromo Hodge Sails Away Deirdra Morris and Sarah Ball 20th September 2010 #06 (58)
Hodge gets a taste of flying after high winds blow him off the tracks.
StopThePressEmerypromo Stop the Press Emery Davey Moore and Lorelei King 21st September 2010 #07 (59)
Emery begins to wonder about how he can get in the newspaper.
Hootv.Tootpromo2 Hoot v. Toot Sarah Ball 22nd September 2010 #08 (60)
Hoot struggles to distinguish red from green, getting him in lots of trouble. It is not until the twins go their separate ways that Toot realises that her brother is colourblind.
TheBrewsterBoosterpromo The Brewster Booster Brenda Scott Royce and Sarah Ball 23rd September 2010 #09 (61)
Brewster is appointed to test Dr. Ling's latest invention; a rather faulty speed booster.
QuizmasterHodgepromo2 Quizmaster Hodge Sarah Ball 24th September 2010 #10 (62)
Hodge gets the job of hosting the Chug Quiz; but when he breaks his axle, he does not know if he can make it.
WilsonandtheDinosaurpromo Wilson and the Dinosaur Ian Carney and Sarah Ball 27th September 2010 #11 (63)
Wilson receives the operation to take photos around Chuggington for a special poster; simultaneously, Hoot and Toot stumble upon Dr. Ling's animatronic dinosaur.
SnowstruckWilsonpromo Snowstruck Wilson Deirdra Morris 28th September 2010 #12 (64)
After seeing snow for the first time, Wilson follows Harrison while he is on plowing duty, but soon gets lost.
HeaveHoHarrisonpromo Heave Ho Harrison Gerard Harris 29th September 2010 #13 (65)
Harrison gets stuck in a large snowdrift and no one can seem to get him out.
Scrub-a-Chugpromo4 Scrub-a-Chug Sarah Ball and Lorelei King 29th November 2010 #14 (66)
Wilson is put in charge of the Fuel Yard while Hodge and Eddie are at an emergency.
NextStopSpacepromo Next Stop - Space Mark Robertson 30th November 2010 #15 (67)
Hoot and Toot are worried that the replica meteorite at the museum will destroy Chuggington; thus, they decide to send it into space.
ChillyChuggerspromo Chilly Chuggers Sarah Ball and Jacquelyn Bell 1st December 2010 #16 (68)
Emery and Eddie become stranded on the Spur Line during an ice storm as a result of Koko spraying the line with water instead of anti-ice.
StuntBrewsterpromo Stunt Brewster Anna Lea and Sarah Ball 2nd December 2010 #17 (69)
Brewster masters a new skill by saving Koko from a nasty accident.
Wilson'sIcyEscapadepromo Wilson's Icy Escapade Anna-Lisa Jenaer 3rd December 2010 #18 (70)
Wilson and Koko are asked to sand the track up the mountain; with Wilson soon becoming stuck in the Ice Cave.
RollingReporterWilsonpromo Rolling Reporter Wilson Peter Hynes 6th December 2010 #19 (71)
Hoot and Toot try to help Wilson with his news report.
ZephieandtheBeespromo Zephie and the Bees Sarah Ball and Jacquelyn Bell 7th December 2010 #20 (72)
Zephie accidentally breaks a beehive after she and Speedy switch jobs.
BrewsterMeetstheMayorpromo Brewster Meets the Mayor Sarah Ball and Lorelei King 8th December 2010 #21 (73)
Brewster is appointed to take the new mayor across Border Bridge for the ceremony, but after the bridge is deemed unsafe, Brewster knows that he will not be able to until he gets an idea.
ChuggerOfTheYearpromo14 Chugger of the Year Mark Caven 9th December 2010 #22 (74)
Koko wants to win the 'Chugger of the Year' award, but soon realises that one chugger deserves it more than anyone else.
FaultFinderEmerypromo Fault Finder Emery Sarah Ball 10th December 2010 #23 (75)
Emery temporarily replaces the malfunctioning defect detector, but takes things too far.
HodgeandtheChugnavpromo Hodge and the Chugnav Sarah Ball and Jacquelyn Bell 13th December 2010 #24 (76)
Wilson gets stuck on the track lift and Hodge attempts to fix it without the help of Eddie.
APatOnThePaintworkpromo A Pat on the Paintwork Sarah Ball and Jacquelyn Bell 14th December 2010 #25 (77)
Koko attempts to earn her 'high speed' badge, while Hoot and Toot begin giving out pretend badges to Emery.
Toot'sTallTalepromo Toot's Tall Tale Sarah Ball 15th December 2010 #26 (78)
Toot lies about an illness to get out of doing track inspection.

Series 3

Screenshot UK/US title Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
GoldWheelsPromo Gold Wheels Sarah Ball 28th November 2011 #01 (79)
Hoot and Toot get greedy for a special surprise once Vee awards them a gold wheel.
SpecialHelperWilsonpromo Special Helper Wilson Emma Reeves 29th November 2011 #02 (80)
While helping out Frostini with Hoot and Toot, Wilson tries to do everything himself, with disastrous consequences.
HodgeCan'tWaitpromo Hodge Can't Wait Patrick Gallagher and Craig Ferguson 30th November 2011 #03 (81)
After ignoring an overheated engine, Hodge breaks down on the way to the rolling stock show.
Chug-o-Flagepromo Chug-o-flage Sarah Ball and Emma Reeves 1st December 2011 #04 (82)
Wilson camouflages himself as a parrot and scares all the animals at the Safari Park.
Koko'sGamepromo2 Koko's Game Sarah Ball and Emma Reeves 2nd December 2011 #05 (83)
Koko gets hooked on a computer game trying to beat Hodge's high score.
MagneticWilsonpromo2 Magnetic Wilson Mark Robertson 5th December 2011 #06 (84)
Wilson becomes magnetised and attracts a lot of unwanted attention.
Zephie'sStarClubpromo Zephie's Star Club Alex Williams 6th December 2011 #07 (85)
Zephie's decision amongst friends is selective when she has to pick who is in her club.
UndercoverActionChugger97 Undercover Action Chugger Alex Williams and Sarah Ball 7th December 2011 #08 (86)
Action Chugger discovers that it is hard to work without his super powers.
MovieMakerBrewster48 Movie-Maker Brewster Patrick Gallagher and Craig Ferguson 8th December 2011 #09 (87)
Brewster is asked by the mayor to produce a film about Chuggington, with mixed results.
TopSecertKokopromo Top Secret Koko Kate Scott 9th December 2011 #10 (88)
Koko is told a secret in which she struggles to keep to herself.
Toot'sNewFriendpromo Toot's New Friend Sarah Ball 12 December 2011 #11 (89)
Toot becomes jealous when a new trainee, Piper, arrives.
Skylar'sSquadpromo Skylar's Squad Heather Simms 13th December 2011 #12 (90)
The trainees compete to be in Skylar's new rescue squad.
WobblyWheelspromo Wobbly Wheels Sarah Ball 14th December 2011 #13 (91)
Piper runs off to the quarry while out of Wilson's sight and nearly has an accident.
Brewster'sCraneTrainingpromo Brewster's Crane Training Alex Williams and Sarah Ball 15th December 2011 #14 (92)
Brewster is upset when Skylar replaces Dunbar as the teacher for the trainees.

Series 4

Screenshot UK/US title Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
RescueatRockyRidgepromo Rescue at Rocky Ridge Sarah Ball 2nd September 2013 #01 (93)
When Koko finds herself in peril, Wilson rushes to her rescue and pulls her out of a collapsing mine tunnel.
Wilson'sForestFlarepromo Wilson's Forest Flare Sarah Ball 3nd September 2013 #02 (94)
When Emery Breaks down in the forest, it's Chug Patroller Wilson to the rescue.
StopKokoStop!promo Stop Koko Stop! Alex Williams 27th August 2013 #03 (95)
At the Chug-a-sonic Speed Track, Hanzo teaches Koko to control her new engine booster and she learns to brake at high speed. Brewster discovers he has a good eye for track laying when he spots a sun kink.
RunawayKokopromo Runaway Koko Kate Scott 28th August 2013 #04 (96)
Koko's speed booster malfunctions and she speeds around Chuggington out of control. Chug Patrol get ready to rescue her with some strong nets, but even they can't stop Koko. Brewster has been crushing rocks and saves the day by dropping dust onto Koko, which clogs up her booster and finally brings her to a standstill.
BrewsterMakesTrackspromo Brewster Makes Tracks Kate Scott 29th August 2013 #05 (97)
The Chuggineers are demolishing the old cooling tower and Brewster can't wait to watch it come down. Brewster has to go to the drop load freight yard and is upset, but various accidents happen that prevent the demolishing. Brewster makes tracks and gets there just on time!
ChiefWilsonpromo Chief Wilson Kate Scott 30th August 2013 #06 (98)
Wilson takes a test to assess his new Chug Patrol skills, but he forgets something important and fails. Later when a real emergency arises, Wilson handles the situation perfectly and gets Old Puffer Pete out of trouble. Jackman is impressed - maybe Wilson will even make chief one day.
Back Up Brewsterpromo Back Up Brewster Rick Vanes 30th September 2013 #07 (99)
A collapsed bridge traps Zack. Brewster must use all his craning skills to rescue him.
TrackLayingBrewsterpromo Track Laying Brewster Sarah Ball 31st September 2013 #08 (100)
The Chuggineers get trapped by a flood and Brewster uses his new skills to help.
ExplorerKokopromo Explorer Koko Kate Scott 1st October 2013 #09 (101)
Koko gives the Mayor and amazing tour around Chuggington.
TheOldSilverMineLinepromo The Old Silver Mine Line Mark Daydy 2nd October 2013 #10 (102)
Brewster and Koko go exploring and get stranded down a disused track.
BrewsterLeadstheWaypromo Brewster Leads the Way Kate Scott 3rd October 2013 #11 (103)
Brewster is given the task of transporting the huge tunnel boring machine
ParkPatrollerWilsonpromo Park Patroller Wilson Sarah Ball & Gerard Harris 4th October 2013 #12 (104)
Wilson helps out when Old Puffer Pete goes sleep-riding around Chuggington
HighRiseRescuepromo High Rise Rescue Alex Williams 5th October 2013 #13 (105)
Hodge gets stuck high up in the air, but Wilson's clever thinking saves the day.
WinterWhiteoutpromo Winter Whiteout Sarah Ball 2nd January 2014 #14 (106)
The chuggers make preparations for the Winter Parade through Chuggington.
SnowPatrolpromo Snow Patrol Mark Daydy 3rd January 2014 #15 (107)
Fletch is trapped in a snowdrift in the mountains and Wilson must rescue him.
FearlessWilsonpromo Fearless Wilson Kate Scott 7th April 2014 #16 (108)
When Brewster slips into the river, Wilson must act super-fast and help his friend.
SpecialRescueTeampromo Special Rescue Team Sarah Ball 8th April 2014 #17 (109)
The Chug Patrollers rescue Eddie from the side of a bridge using a banner as a sling.
DeputyChugPatrollerspromo6 Deputy Chug Patrollers Marie Beardmore, Sarah Ball, & Lorelei King 9th April 2014 #18 (110)
When Chatsworth get stuck in a tunnel, Koko and Brewster become deputy Chug Patrollers.
Blazin'Wilsonpromo3 Blazin' Wilson Rick Vanes 10th April 2014 #19 (111)
When he runs out of Water, Wilson has to think on his wheels during fire training.
OnTrackBrewsterpromo5 On Track Brewster Kate Scott 11th April 2014 #20 (112)
Brewster has his first chuggineer test and Wilson is on Safety Patrol.
WeAretheChuggineerspromo We Are the Chuggineers Sarah Ball 14th April 2014 #21 (113)
Something goes wrong when the chuggineers are building a bridge.
TeamTraineepromo2 Team Trainee Sarah Ball 15th April 2014 #22 (114)
The Speed Fleet, Chug Patrol and the Chuggineers compete in the Track Dash fun race.
RecordBreakerKokopromo Record Breaker Koko Alex Williams 16th April 2014 #23 (115)
Koko tries to break a speed record at the Chug-a-Sonic Speedtrack.
TheTootingtonTunnelpromo2 The Tootington Tunnel Sarah Ball 17th April 2014 #24 (116)
Brewster and Cormac chase a runaway circular tunnel entrance through the countryside.
IronChuggerpromo2 Iron Chuggers Sarah Ball & Lorelei King 18th April 2014 #25 (117)
The Chuggineers compete with the Steam Team for the coveted Iron Chuggers title.
RoundUpWilsonpromo5 Round Up Wilson Sarah Ball & Kate Scott 21st April 2014 #26 (118)
During training, Wilson and Chug Patrol must evacuate animals from the Safari Park

Series 5

Screenshot UK/US title Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
FirstResponderCalleyPromo First Responder Calley Sarah Ball 18th May 2015 #01 (119)
Calley begins to feel that she has no purpose on the Chug Patrol team- however, she seems to have found the perfect job.
SinkholeRescuePromo3 Sinkhole Rescue Lorelei King 19th May 2015 #02 (120)
Wilson and Brewster are practicing with their wagons when the ground collapses under Brewster- can Wilson save him in time?
CormacPatrolPromo Cormac Patrol Sarah Ball 20th May 2015 #03 (121)
Cormac finds himself with nothing to do until the Chug Patrollers need rescuing.
TraineeCampPromo Trainee Camp Sarah Ball 21st May 2015 #04 (122)
Wilson, Brewster, Koko, Hoot and Toot are assigned to build a camp in the mountains; due to their bickering, the twins forget a number of the materials. Can the trainees use what they have to build the camp before Tyne and Skylar arrive?
TourGuideHarrisonPromo Tour Guide Harrison Sarah Ball 22nd May 2015 #05 (123)
Harrison must devise a special tour of Chuggington to pass his tour guide test.
DeliveryChallengePromo Delivery Challenge Sarah Ball 25th May 2015 #06 (124)
Cormac challenges Old Puffer Pete to a delivery contest.
KokoExpressPromo2 Koko Express Sarah Ball and Lorelei King 26th May 2015 #07 (125)
Koko learns that being careful and quick is the trick to being an express courier train.
SkipperStuandtheSteamCranepromo2 Skipper Stu and the Steam Crane Sarah Ball 27th May 2015 #08 (126)
Skipper Stu, Harry, Hamish, and Russ need to load a ship that is arriving soon; when the modern crane fails to load the ship, Old Puffer Pete spots the old steam crane and has an idea.
ChugPatrolChiefpromo4 Chug Patrol Chief Sarah Ball 28th May 2015 #09 (127)
The chuggers at the docks are unable to pull the diesel tankers up to the Depot, meaning that all diesel chuggers will soon not be able to move. In urgency, Jackman and Asher team up with Koko, Olwin and Old Puffer Pete to retrieve the tankers.
FletchShinesPromo Fletch Shines Sarah Ball 29th May 2015 #10 (128)
After a fire breaks out inside the lighthouse during the night, the Chuggineers are needed to replace the top section. However, due to a crack in the track in need of urgent repair, Fletch is the only Chuggineer available- he soon learns that being in charge is not the easiest thing.

Series 6

Screenshot UK/US title Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
SlowCoachKokoBBCPromo Slow Coach Koko Craig Fernandez 2nd January 2021 #01 (129)
Koko's confidence is shaken after she gets in an accident, but has to think quickly in order to save Brewster from an accident of his own.
MyHeroHBOMaxPromo3 My Hero Michael Foulke 3rd January 2021 #02 (130)
When Action Chugger fails to show up for Hero Day, Brewster decides to be a hero himself.
Wilson’sBroadcastBluesBBCPromo Wilson's Broadcast Blues Ryan Toyama 9th January 2021 #03 (131)
Wilson, the newly appointed Radio Chuggington host, exaggerates a news story to get the attention of his friends, with serious consequences.
WildSafariParkBBCPromo Wild Safari Park Denise Downer 10th January 2021 #04 (132)
Mtambo is charged with feeding the Safari Park animals and needs help from Wilson to complete his task in a timely manner.
Frostini’sTrueCallingBBCPromo Frostini's True Calling Eva Konstantopoulos 16th January 2021 #05 (133)
Frostini decides to embark on a personal mission to discover what his true passion in life is.
TheOldFashionedWayBBCPromo The Old Fashioned Way Kevin Monk 17th January 2021 #06 (134)
Koko has Old Puffer Pete feeling like his old ways are methodical and too slow, but is proven wrong when new technology is put to the test.
TheExtraMileBBCPromo The Extra Mile Michael Rabb 18th January 2021 #07 (135)
Wilson and Brewster attempt to find Koko's ribbon that Wilson secretly borrowed and then lost.
GlowKokoBBCPromo Glow Koko Sarah Ball 19th January 2021 #08 (136)
Koko, Piper and Hodge stumble upon an unexpected number of things that glow in the dark around Chuggington.
NotFromAroundHereBBCPromo Not From Around Here Michael G. Stern 20th January 2021 #09 (137)
When a new chugger, Rosa, comes to Chuggington, the trainees try to find the best job for her.
OutInTheColdBBCPromo Out in the Cold Michael Rabb 21st January 2021 #10 (138)
When a snow storm comes to Chuggington, Wilson and Brewster get caught out in the cold and must work together to make their way home.
Wilson'sWag-A-Lag-OnBBCPromo Wilson's Wag-A-Lag-On Stacey Greenberger 22nd January 2021 #11 (139)
Wilson's long time wagon begins falling apart, but he is determined to keep it in service.
SleepyheadKokoThumbnail Sleepyhead Koko Denise Downer 25th January 2021 #12 (140)
Brewster and Wilson do their best to keep Koko awake for an important passenger run after she stays awake all night.
PiperactiveBBCPromo Piperactive Craig Fernandez 26th January 2021 #13 (141)
Piper must limit playtime when the trainees are assigned a job.
TheMightyKokoBBCPromo The Mighty Koko Michael Foulke 27th January 2021 #14 (142)
Koko becomes incredibly strong after she gets an upgrade to her hydraulic power booster.
TheFast,TheStrong&TheWilsonBBCPromo The Fast, The Strong and The Wilson Ryan Toyama 28th January 2021 #15 (143)
The Chuggington Games are underway, but an enthusiastic Wilson finds that he is not the best at any of the tournaments.
ChugPatrol,OutofControlBBCPromo Chug Patrol, Out of Control Ryan Toyama 29th January 2021 #16 (144)
Wilson finds it difficult to be a good chief once he organises Zephie, Piper, Hoot and Toot into his junior Chug Patrol crew.
The3WaysoftheTrackBBCPromo The 3 Ways of the Track Bill Zide 1st February 2021 #17 (145)
With guidance from the ever-wise Hanzo, Tai must learn how to remain focused, calm and balanced.
SpyTrainBBCPromo Spy Train Jessica Welsh 2nd February 2021 #18 (146)
The trainees' spy missions get out of control once Wilson overhears that Hamish is supposedly leaving Chuggington.
OddTrainOutBBCPromo Odd Train Out Danielle Koenig 3rd February 2021 #19 (147)
Zephie, Wilson and Brewster compete to be Koko's partner in a relay race, but Koko knows that Zephie is the weakest.
It'sNotEasyBeingCleanBBCPromo It's Not Easy Being Clean Michael Rabb 4th February 2021 #20 (148)
Wilson, a magnet for mess, tries his best to stay clean to prove a point to Koko and Brewster.
MonkeySittingBBCPromo Monkey-Sitting Sharon Soboil 5th February 2021 #21 (149)
Wilson has his hands full while babysitting an adorable yet deceiving monkey.
TaiTrackspromo5 Tai Tracks Michael Rabb 8th February 2021 #22 (150)
Tai struggles to find her way around Chuggington but is reluctant to ask for help.
Rock'n'Rollerspromo10 Rock 'n' Rollers Eva Konstantopoulos 9th February 2021 #23 (151)
Koko breaks her horn on the day of the first performance of her newly-formed band, the Rockin' Rollers.
Brewster'sGreatestGiftBBCPromo Brewster's Greatest Gift Stacey Greenberger 10th February 2021 #24 (152)
With Hodge's radiator broken and no way to order another one, Brewster turns out to be the only one that can help by making a brave decision.
ChuggingtonNoirBBCPromo Chuggington Noir Ryan Toyama 11th February 2021 #25 (153)
With the lighthouse out and a ship coming in, Brewster and Hodge search Chuggington for an answer as to what has been using up all the power.
ImagineThatPromo Imagine That Jeff Wynne 12th February 2021 #26 (154)
Tai and the trainees learn that with a little imagination any ordinary job can be extraordinary.
ChugEncountersoftheTrainKindBBCPromo Chug Encounters of the Train Kind Ryan Toyama 15th February 2021 #27 (155)
Adventure ensues when the trainees think that they are being visited by chuggers from outer space.
TheSpookyChuggerBBCPromo The Spooky Chugger Thomas Hall 16th February 2021 #28 (156)
With unexplained happenings around Chuggington, the trainees are convinced the tracks are haunted by the legend that is the Spooky Chugger.
ChugPatrolMissionThunderBBCPromo Chug Patrol: Mission Thunder Eva Konstantopoulos 17th February 2021 #29 (157)
Wilson faces his fear of thunder and lightning to help a lost giraffe during a bad storm.
TheRoyalChuggerHBOMaxPromo The Royal Chugger Michael Rabb 18th February 2021 #30 (158)
Wilson is dubbed "Chuggington Royalty" once he is found to be the first of his kind (supposedly, that is.)
ActionChugger'sDayOffBBCPromo Action Chugger's Day Off Danielle Koenig 19th February 2021 #31 (159)
Action Chugger has a hard time relaxing while the trainees attempt to give him a day off.
TwinTroubleBBCPromo Twin Trouble Eva Konstantopoulos 22nd February 2021 #32 (160)
Hoot and Toot have finally had it with each other and go their separate ways, but wish they were together when they get lost.
NightMovesBBCPromo Night Moves Danielle Koenig 23rd February 2021 #33 (161)
When a pipe bursts in the Roundhouse, an exhausted Wilson must roam Chuggington in search of a new cabin to sleep in, but nothing feels quite like home.
TheGreatChuggerCaperBBCPromo The Great Chugger Caper Ryan Toyama 24th February 2021 #34 (162)
The trainees take on their undercover personas to retrieve a surprise gift for Skipper Stu.
Piper'sCitySafariBBCPromo Piper's City Safari Patrick Rieger 25th February 2021 #35 (163)
When Safari Park is closed for the day, Koko, Wilson and Brewster give Piper a surprise tour and discover all the exotic wildlife outside of the park.
TheTrainee&TheTreeBBCPromo The Trainee and the Tree Stacey Greenberger 26th February 2021 #36 (164)
Brewster discovers the oldest tree in Chuggington, but has to choose wether or not to dig it up.
GoldRushBBCPromo Gold Rush Michael Rabb 1st March 2021 #37 (165)
The trainees find a gold nugget and dream of ways to spend their riches.
PumpkinSpiceChuggersBBCPromo Pumpkin Spice Chuggers Ryan Toyama 2nd March 2021 #38 (166)
The trainees are on another mission as they try and rescue the last pumpkin in town.
Reachin'RosaBBCPromo Reachin' Rosa Patrick Rieger 3rd March 2021 #39 (167)
During a game of Chugball, the trainees discover that Rosa has a talent for reaching high.
ChugatronicCargopromo5 Chugatronic Cargo Eva Konstantopoulos 4th March 2021 #40 (168)
An advanced technological super robot, known as the Chugatronic, wreaks havoc around Chuggington.
TheZephieExpressBBCPromo The Zephie Express Thomas Hall 5th March 2021 #41 (169)
Zephie attaches to a turbo car in an attempt to be faster than Koko.
TheArtOfChugShuiBBCPromo The Art of Chug Shui Ryan Toyama 8th March 2021 #42 (170)
Cormac must visit the Repair Shed, and Tai is put in charge of the Drop and Load Yard. However, Cormac's strict rules are hard for Tai to follow.
TheRecordBreakersBBCPromo The Record Breakers Patrick Rieger 9th March 2021 #43 (171)
Zephie and Piper attempt to prove they are ready for the big jobs in Chuggington.
Brewster'sBestBuddyBBCPromo Brewster's Best Buddy Danielle Koenig 10th March 2021 #44 (172)
Brewster goes to great lengths to try and get busy Action Chugger to play a game of hide-and-seek.
SuperstarBrewsterpromo3 Superstar Brewster Veronica Wall-Reed 11th March 2021 #45 (173)
Brewster gets himself in a bad situation when he accidentally takes credit for Rosa's work.
YouforaDaypromo3 You for a Day Ryan Toyama 12th March 2021 #46 (174)
Wilson and Brewster switch places for the day to prove who has the tougher job.


Screenshot UK/US title Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
HonkYourHornsS4version8 Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue Sarah Ball 26th August 2013 #01
Wilson, Koko and Brewster are moving up to the next level of training! In Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue, the first ever, super-sized special, Wilson takes on new challenges and makes daring rescues as the newest member of Chuggington's emergency rescue squad. Koko and Brewster join in on the new adventures as do new characters Chug Patrol Chief Jackman and super-speedy Hanzo!
WeAretheChuggineerspromo2 Chuggineers: Ready to Build Sarah Ball 13th October 2014 #02
The Chuggineers work to build a new high speed link to Tootington.
WinterWhiteout21 Snow Rescue Mark Daydy & Sarah Ball 26th December 2020 #03
It’s winter time in Chuggington and the Chuggers make special preparations for the magical Winter Parade, outfitting themselves in glowing coloured lights for a special nighttime processional through town. But when freezing fog traps Koko and a snowy avalanche derails Fletch, Wilson and the Chug Patrol must set out on a wild winter rescue
KokoExpresspromo4 Delivery Dash at the Docks Sarah Ball & Lorelei King 21st November 2021 #04
Koko is thrilled to be spending the day training with Daley, Chuggington's new express delivery engine. Meanwhile at the Docks, Skipper Stu is having problems with the crane, and has to find another way to load the ship
ChugPatrolChiefPromo The Big Freeze Sarah Ball 2nd January 2021 #05
As icy weather hits Chuggington, the Docks becomes unable to get the latest batch of diesel tankers to the Working Wheels Yard. Simultaneously, a fire breaks out at the Docks' lighthouse, with Fletch being put in charge to replace the top section.
ChuggingHomefortheHolidayspromo5 Chugging Home for the Holidays Michael G. Stern 19th December 2021 #06
The trainees set out to San Locomota to cheer up a homesick Rosa. The chuggers soon learn the best holiday traditions are the ones made with your friends.
CelebrateChuggingtonHBOMaxPromo Celebrate Chuggington Sarah Ball 7th March 2021 #07
The trainees learn the importance of training together in preparation for the first annual Chuggington Day celebration.

Chuggington: Badge Quest

Part 1

Screenshot UK/US title Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
WeighingItUp28 Weighing It Up Ross Hastings 24th July 2010 #01
The trainees earn their Weighing It Up badges by guessing whether or not Dunbar has loaded more weight onto their car
Brewster'sCarwashpromo Brewster's Carwash Paul Couvela 25th July 2010 #02
Brewster and Koko earn their Carwash badges by learning how to wash the dirty train cars. They quickly realise that team work will help them on their quest.
RainbowChuggers56 Rainbow Chuggers Polly Churchill & Lorelei King 31st July 2010 #03
The Chuggers are on the quest for their Colour badges. They need to solve a number of clues to find six coloured cars in hidden locations. Koko hides it but manages to find it. Then together they have to arrange them to form a rainbow!
ChugPatrol(episode)promo2 Chug Patrol Deidra Morris & Sarah Ball 1st August 2010 #04
The Chuggers are on a mission to try and beat the record for the number of problems reported on the rails, while they go on chug patrol for their Chug Patrol badge.
RemembertheRoutepromo Remember the Route Ross Hastings & Lorelei King 7th August 2010 #05
The Chuggers earn their Remember the Route badges by memorising a list of three destinations and visiting them in the correct order. Brewster finds that using rhymes helps him memorise his destination list.
SqueakyCleanpromo2 Squeaky Clean Deirdra Morris 8th August 2010 #06
Brewster learns about the importance of good presentation as he earns his Squeaky Clean badge by staying clean while pulling a very special load of stinky manure.
HonkYourHorns(episode)promo Honk Your Horns Emma Reeves 14th August 2010 #07
In order to earn his Horn Honking badge, Wilson has to prove that he knows when to use his horn, and when not to use it.
ReadytoRollpromo Ready to Roll Sarah Ball & Lorelei King 15th August 2010 #08
Before setting off on a long-distance night run, the Chuggers must make sure they complete their safety checks. If they remember everything and reach their destination, they will earn their Ready to Roll badge but Koko wants to get there first and forgets her checks.
CapableBrewster16 Capable Brewster Mark Caven 21 August 2010 #09
Brewster tries for his Capability badge by transporting loaded cars to the quarry. But the task isn't as easy as he initially thinks, and soon he finds himself seeking out the help of his friends.
FireSafetypromo2 Fire Safety Phil O'Shea 22nd August 2010 #10
To earn their Fire Safety badges, the Chuggers need to follow the fire safety rules when they hear the alarm.
KnowingWhereyouareGoingpromo Knowing Where you are Going Lorelei King 28th August 2010 #11
Wilson needs to remember where he is going and not be distracted in order to earn his Knowing Where You Are Going badge.
HelpingWheelspromo Helping Wheels Lorelei King 29th August 2010 #12
Brewster and Wilson earn their Helping Wheels badges by helping others on and around the tracks.
RunningonTimepromo Running on Time Sarah Ball 4th September 2010 #13
Brewster and Koko try and earn their Running On Time badges by sticking to schedule while transporting their passenger carriages.
AnimalHelperpromo2 Animal Helper Sarah Ball 5th September 2010 #14
To be able to earn his Animal Helper badge, Brewster is asked to look after Ebo the elephant while some work is being done to Ebo's enclosure at the safari park. At first it's all fun and games, but when Ebo refuses to go back to the safari park Brewster has to come up with a creative solution to get him back.
WorkThoseWheels36 Work Those Wheels Sarah Ball & Morgan Overton 11th September 2010 #15
In order to earn their Work Those Wheels badges Koko, Brewster and Wilson need to put together a work out. When Wilson realises that he isn't strong like Brewster or fast like Koko, he has to invent a new and fun workout for himself.
BuddyBadge47 Buddy Badge Ross Hastings 12th September 2010 #16
Koko and Brewster try for the Buddy Badge. To earn the badge they must learn to trust each other, as they have to direct one another while the other has their eyes closed. Koko has a hard time trusting Brewster, but when she realizes that they are indeed best buddies, she starts to trust him.
BrewsterandtheStarMap55 Brewster and the Star Map Sarah Ball & Lorelei King 18th September 2010 #17
To earn their Star Map badges, Koko, Wilson and Brewster must find pictures in the stars and use them to guide them where they are going. Brewster finds it very difficult to see the pictures, but when he starts to use his imagination, it becomes very easy and clear.
EmergencyEmery41 Emergency Emery Paul Matthew Thompson 19th September 2010 #18
Brewster and Wilson try and earn their Emergency badge by staying calm while running through an emergency drill where Emery pretends to be stuck in a tunnel. The chuggers find it difficult to stay calm, but when a real emergency happens they have no choice but to stop themselves from panicking and work together to help Emery.
Koko'sCargo43 Koko's Cargo Brenda Scott Royce 25th September 2010 #19
In order to earn her Cargo badge, Koko must be able to transport certain cargo from point A to point B. She soon realizes that some cargo is more fragile than others, and that so requires more careful transport.
ConcentrateWilson! Concentrate Wilson! Sarah Ball 26th September 2010 #20
Wilson has a hard time concentrating when playing the game two of a kind with the other chuggers, in an effort to earn his Concentration badge. The task becomes easier when he is taught some tricks that will help him memorize things.
FollowtheLeader Follow the Leader Paul Couvela & Sarah Ball 2nd October 2010 #21
Koko leads Brewster and Wilson in delivery of the morning paper. She soon learns that the best way to delegate is to recognize each chugger's individual strengths. Koko may well be the leader of the team, but what's more important is that they are a team!
MakeorBrake33 Make or Brake Ross Hastings 3rd October 2010 #22
To earn the Good Judgment badge, the chuggers need to complete a brake test. Wilson fails the test, but should he use his good judgement and confess to it, or hide his mistake?
NoTimetoWaste No Time to Waste Mark Caven 10th October 2010 #23
The chuggers learn about being efficient, when they work towards earning their Clean Up badges. They must clean up litter, and then make sure that the litter gets recycled. The chuggers attempt different methods, some of which are fast and others which are more efficient.
QuietPlease Quiet Please Sarah Ball 11th October 2010 #24
In order to earn their Quiet badges, the chuggers need to keep their bumpers zipped all day. When Wilson finally manages to stop talking, he realizes that there is so much more to see when he stays quiet - especially in the safari park.
KeepChuggingtonBeautiful Keep Chuggington Beautiful Lorelei King 17th October 2010 #25
The chuggers have to think of a way they can help make Chuggington even more beautiful. Koko decides to wash down the platforms, while Brewster paints a few fences and picks up litter. But when a cheeky monkey starts throwing the litter back onto the tracks, Brewster realises he has a big problem!
WhoDoYouAppreciate?1 Who Do You Appreciate? Sarah Ball 18th October 2010 #26
When the chuggers are given a shiny new badge, they are also given the task of forwarding that badge on to someone they really appreciate. But who do you choose when there are so many great chuggers around?

Part 2

Screenshot UK/US title Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
TownCriers63 Town Criers Brenda Scott Royce 24th January 2011 #01 (27)
Brewster and Wilson try for their Town Crier badges - a badge recognising their public speaking skills. They need to learn to be loud, clear and say their message with style!
Couriers56 Couriers Emma Reeves 25th January 2011 #02 (28)
Koko and Brewster must each deliver three packages before 3 o'clock.
FireWardenWilson56 Fire Warden Wilson Emma Reeves 26 January 2011 #03 (29)
Wilson struggles to concentrate when working towards his Fire Warden badge.
HomeWilson13 Home, Wilson! Daivd Spicer 27 January 2011 #04 (30)
Wilson is sent to a mystery location and needs to find his way home with the help of the Chug-nav.
PullTogether25 Pull Together David Spicer 28th January 2011 #05 (31)
Wilson and Koko have to rescue a stranded chugger in an attempt to earn their Snow Rescue badges.
ShapeUp26 Shape Up David Spicer 31st January 2011 #06 (32)
Koko and Wilson struggle to get their Loading badge, as they decide how to transport a selection of blocks.
ShowandTellBrewster68 Show and Tell Brewster David Spicer 1st February 2011 #07 (33)
Brewster has to invent a fun tour that teaches some visitors a little bit about Chuggington.
GreenMachines Green Machines Emma Reeves 2nd February 2011 #08 (34)
Hoot and Toot double-check the recycling in order to get their Green Machine badges.
ChugandClickWilson73 Chug and Click Wilson Abigail Jackson 3rd February 2011 #09 (35)
Wilson has to use the camera wagon in three different ways to earn his Chug and Click badge.
ServicewithaSmile38 Service with a Smile David Spicer 4th February 2011 #10 (36)
Wilson has to learn about good customer service to earn his Service with a Smile Badge.
FirstThingsFirstpromo First Things First Lizzie Ennever 7th February 2011 11 (37)
Hoot and Toot learn about setting priorities for their First Things First Badge.
NightChuggers56 Night Chuggers Sarah Ball 8th February 2011 12 (38)
Hoot and Toot must deliver their cargo before sunrise to earn their Night Chugger's badge.
TrainerWilson88 Trainer Wilson Sarah Ball 9th February 2011 13 (39)
Wilson has to teach Hoot and Toot to use the paint wagon.

Part 3

Screenshot UK/US title Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
HomeSweetHome73 Home Sweet Home Anna-Lisa Jenae 6th February 2012 #01 (40)
Brewster learns about camouflage when he repaints the lizard's house.
SafeguarderWilsonpromo Safeguarder Wilson Michael Chappell 7th February 2012 #02 (41)
Wilson learns to keep the tracks safe as he tries for his safeguarder badge.
SwiftShiftpromo Swift Shift Pete Reeves 8th February 2012 #03 (42)
Hoot and Toot have to round up all the stray wagons around the depot in record time.
LookOutBrewsterpromo Look Out Brewster Michael Chappell 9th February 2012 #04 (43)
Brewster goes on the lookout fro potential safety hazards on the track.
Wilson'sWinterFeed11 Wilson's Winter Feed Rick Vanes 10th February 2012 #05 (44)
Wilson and Koko have to feed the animals in the snow, but Wilson can't find the sheep
SharetheLoadpromo Share the Load Abigail Jackson 13th February 2012 #06 (45)
Brewster learns to share the workload with his team mates.
MindYourMannerspromo Mind Your Manners Heather Simms 14th February 2012 #07 (46)
Toot discovers that having good manners is about what you do, not what you say.

Discover Chuggington: All Aboard!

Screenshot Title Release date Episode number #
620x348-Q90 f172ec508664408079a3e1008dbb8096 Chugging Home 13th April 2020 #01
Wilson, Koko, and Brewster take us all over Chuggington as they head home singing about their favorite place in the world.
620x348-Q90 bd808a1d996f1833510c0d3615bc099b Wilson's Song 13th April 2020 #02
Brewster and Koko sing about everyone's favorite chugger around...Wilson!
620x348-Q90 4131ee51204f37744df268ee11ffc904 Koko's Song 13th April 2020 #03
Nobody is faster on the tracks than Koko as she sings and speeds around town.
620x348-Q90 7f86789714ccae86d6eac59d8ef991ba Brewster's Song 13th April 2020 #04
Wilson and Koko sing about their friend Brewster, who is the strongest trainee in Chuggington.
620x348-Q90 e4b74ba6b77e8d6bb9080873e9378ff0 Chuggington Roll Call 13th April 2020 #05
Let's get to know all of our Chuggington friends as Vee introduces each chugger in her song.
620x348-Q90 fe257b6110c9193c9f33e7cff7f3c5d8 Chug N Roll 20th April 2020 #06
Wilson, Koko, and Brewster have a rockin' dance party at the depot!
620x348-Q90 d89c1bb68d6b0962d5750522cdae3156 Safari Park Song 27th April 2020 #07
Wilson takes us through the Safari Park where we meet elephants, giraffes, monkeys, and more!
620x348-Q90 da08bbec4b427f8c8787b129701185c7 The Roundhouse Song 4th May 2020 #08
It's not just where they sleep; it's where they play games and watch movies. There's never a dull moment at the Roundhouse.
Choosing Chuggers Thumbnail Choosing Chuggers 11th May 2020 #09
There is a lot to do in Chuggington, and we need to help Vee pick the right chugger for each job that needs to get done!
CPHQ Song Thumbnail CPHQ Song 18 May 2020 #10
Wilson introduces Chuggington's heroic first responders, while Chug Patrol rushes off to the rescue.
Docks Song Docks Song 25th May 2020 #11
The ships come in, and containers get hauled away, as Brewster sings about his day working on the docks.
Ice Cream Song Ice Cream Song 1st June 2020 #12
Wilson takes us to the Ice Cream Factory and introduces us to Frostini, who creates all the amazing new flavors!
On the Map! Song On the Map! Song 8th June 2020 #13
Wilson makes sure we never get lost, while singing a song about the Chuggington maps.
CatchingKoko Catching Koko 15th June 2020 #14
The trainees are playing a game of Chug Tag, but Koko is so fast! Can anyone catch her?
Going Bananas Going Bananas 22nd June 2020 #15
Wilson takes us to Safari Park to deliver a crate of bananas for the monkeys, only to realize they were meant for Frostini, and he has to get them back!
A Day in the Life of a Chugger A Day in the Life of a Chugger 29th June 2020 #16
From the time the chuggers wake up to when they go to sleep, Koko shows us a normal day in Chuggington.
On the Right Track On the Right Track! 6th July 2020 #17
The trainees sing their way around Chuggington as they show us how to use the tracks to get to where they're going.
Hide and Seek Hide and Seek 13th July 2020 #18
It's time to find the trainees! They are hiding at the Docks. Where exactly could they be?
Safari Nap Time Safari Nap Time 13th July 2020 #19
Shh! Wilson tries to be quiet, while Mtambo shows us how the animals sleep at Safari Park.
Guess That Chugger Guess That Chugger 27th July 2020 #20
Vee gives us clues about a trainee hiding in the tunnel. Who could it be?
Horn Harmony Horn Harmony 3rd August 2020 #21
Hoot and Toot compete to see whose horn sounds better, only to discover that it sounds best when they blow their horns together.
Special Announcement Special Announcement 10th August 2020 #22
Emery tells us lots of jokes as he tries to figure out what he loves the most about living in Chuggington.
Wilson Add Sprinkles Wilson Adds Sprinkles 17th August 2020 #23
Wilson shows how the machines work in his favorite place in the whole world...The Ice Cream Factory!
I Wish I Was a Train I Wish I Was a Train 24th August 2020 #24
Koko shows us all the ways we can act like a train as she shows us a little dance.
Snow Day Snow Day 30th November 2020 #25
There's a lot of snow on the tracks, and each trainee shows off their favorite way to clear it!

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