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Background information[]

Emery is a fictional electric passenger locomotive created by Sarah Ball and Kate Fawkes.

Since his proper introduction in Clunky Wilson, he has become one of the most prominent recurring characters in the series.

Emery has no exact basis and is painted silver with yellow doors, grey and orange window frames, and lining.

CGI model[]

In 2007, Emery was most likely designed and modelled by Volume Studios in the 3D modelling software Sketchup during the production of the first series. The model was later exported to another software, Maya, for animation.[1]


  • Series 1:
    • His eyes become larger and are of the same size.
  • Series 2:
    • He receives the new coupler and chugger plaque design.
    • The square plate beneath his coupler entrance is removed.


Texture variants[]

In addition to his standard livery, several other texture variants exist of Emery's CGI model. These include:


  • Early promotional images depict Emery with smaller eyes of two separate sizes. The model's design was changed before Emery appeared in any episodes.
  • Emery's jaw is supposed to move on a hinge, but the hinge is static in actuality. Unlike other chuggers with the same problem, Emery's jaw lacks the room to move, so he is animated so that the rest of his face moves while his jaw pronounces vowels.
  • Concept art of Clunky Wilson indicates that it was the idea of Paul Couvela to give Emery the ability to move his buffers like hands and sway his horns about.

Voice actors[]

  • Jordan Clarke (UK)
  • Troy Doherty (US; Seasons 1-2)
  • Hugh Reynolds (US; Season 3)
  • Jake Tanner (US; Seasons 4-5)
  • Austin Connelly (US; Season 6 only, excluding Odd Train Out)
  • Dylan Curtis (US; Discover Chuggington: All Aboard! and Odd Train Out only)
  • Ray Kasemi (Albania)
  • Hanna-Maria Helenius (Finland; Season 1 only)
  • Toni Kamula (Finland; Seasons 2-3)
  • Markus Blom (Finland; Season 4 only)
  • Sachiko Kojima (Japan)
  • Katarzyna Kozak (Poland; Seasons 1-5, excluding Wilson's Forest Flare)
  • Joanna Jeżewska (Poland; Wilson's Forest Flare only)
  • Damian Kulec (Poland; Season 6 only)
  • Olga Łasak (Poland; Chuggington: Badge Quest, Polsat JimJam dub)
  • Ilona Molnár (Hungary; Season 1 only)
  • Károly Moser (Hungary; Seasons 2-4)
  • Alberto Santillán (Los Angeles Spanish dub)
  • Yevgeniy Val'ts (Russia)
  • Inés Blázquez (Spain)
  • Traudel Sperber (Germany)
  • Um Sang-hyun (South Korea)
  • José Leonardo (Brazil; Seasons 1-3)
  • Alexander Vestri (Brazil; Season 6 only)
  • Renzo Jiménez (Latin America; Seasons 1-3)
  • Emiliano Venosa (Latin America; Season 6 only)
  • Paul Zurbău (Romania)