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“This chugger is ready to depart.”
―Emery exiting a station

Emery is a silver electric passenger chugger who runs the standard transportation loop around Chuggington alongside Decka.


After Emery finished training, he was put on full-time passenger duty, as he was built for that job. During his run, Emery would occasionally come across other chuggers, like the time he teased Wilson for his clunky sound.[1] Emery would also later take part in the Chugger Championship, almost having a collision to a broken down Wilson.[2] Being a passenger chugger with experience, Emery tried to help out Wilson run a little more smoothly to prepare him for his test; unfortunately he had to be taken away for his duty.[3]

Sometime after, Emery would get the role of the narrator for a Chuggington documentary; however, Emery would make vulgar comments about certain chuggers throughout the film, promoting a bad reception. Feeling bad, Emery apologized to those he had embarrassed due to the documentary.[4] Not to long afterwards, an inspector was coming to check out the Depot. To help everyone to get things ready, Emery gave hints of feedback to the other chuggers on what they could do. However, those feedbacks were a little persnickety, causing everyone in the Depot to panic and stress more.[5]

A little while later and Emery would eventually take part as an assistance on an Action Chugger film set, albeit, he was then kicked out.[6] He was also placed in Harrison's team in a Chug of War to clean out the mines.[7] Around this time, he would be of the front cover of Chuggington Life after playing a part in one of Magnificent Mysterioso's magic shows,[8] be a team leader on a Chug Quiz[9] and lend his voice to the repaired defect detector.[10]

During a snowy season, Emery along with many other chuggers would attempt to pull Harrison out of a snow drift.[11] Emery himself was also trapped in the cold with Eddie, stuck frozen on the old Spur Line track.[12] For a short time, he was cheerleader for Koko on her high-speed badge challenge.[13]

One time, Emery's brakes failed and he became a runaway! He raced down at top speed and derailed in the middle of the Forest awaiting for Chug Patrol's rescue. Thankfully, Wilson with his quick thinking, was able to find Emery and call for back up. [14]

Emery later took Eddie, Morgan, Lori and Mayor Pullman to taste Frostini's brand new ice cream, Maple Apple Dapple.[15] He then participated in the container pull tournament of the Chugtastic Games,[16] as well as racing alongside Hodge in the Rip Roaring Relay Race-[17] neither of which he would win. He was also seen playing on a team of Chug Ball with Brewster against Koko and Rosa to which they still lost.[18]


Emery might as well be Chuggington's biggest jokester- though on occasion, he can take things too far, as a portion of his jokes are not in very good taste.[4] Despite this, Emery does mean well, but is rarely encouraging, and not the best chugger to be around if something is wrong.

That doesn't mean Emery doesn't have a heart. He still cares deeply for his friends and will try his best to give them the support they would need to complete their task.[3][13]

Even if a lot of Emery's actions can lead to trouble, he knows when he's done something wrong and is willing to make amends if possible.[8][10] Despite his faults, Emery is always up to being helpful, and at the end of the day, a great friend.

Technical Details

Possible Basis

Emery is of a freelance design and is not based on a specific prototype. However, he does seem to loosely resemble the underground subway trains that operate in the United Kingdom.


Emery is painted silver with yellow doors, grey and orange window frames, and an orange lining.




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Braking Brewster Active


  • Emery's back coach is removable, as seen in A Pat on the Paintwork.
  • Emery is the only chugger who has the ability to wiggle his horns and buffers. In addition, he is able to gesture with his buffers, which act as hands.
  • Emery's left eye is green, and his right eye is blue, meaning he has heterochromia; he is the only chugger to have this.
  • Emery, without his carriage, is one of the only chuggers to have a 0-6-0 wheel arrangement, the others being Calley and Tai.
  • In the German version, Emery is called "Lukas".
  • In the Polish version from series 1-5, Emery is called "Emilia" and is female.
  • In the Hebrew version, Emery is called אורן (Oren).
  • In the Czech version, he is called "Brousek".
  • in the Korean version, he is called "Alf".
  • Emery's front shape, buffers, and multi-coloured eyes resemble a caterpillar.
  • Emery has the most voice actors in the US dub at a total of five.
  • As seen in two pieces of early Season 1 promotional art, Emery originally had much smaller eyes of inconsistent sizes.
  • According to Jordan C. Reed, he originally auditioned to play Emery in Season 6 but received the part of Wilson.
  • The storyboards for the episode Wilson's Smooth Moves feature a rejected voice for Emery, who has yet to be identified. [19]
    • In those same storyboards, Emery's eyes still retained their original smaller and inconsistent sizes from the pilot cover and his face could flap open from the top.


“Made you look, made you steer, made you nearly change a gear!”
―Emery after playing a joke on another chugger[src]
“Chugger approaching.”
―Emery approaching a station
“Don't forget to wash behind your gears!”
―Emery to Olwin[src]