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Eddie owns a caboose in which he lives in. It was salvaged by Hodge and the trainees while on a search for a home for Eddie.


Years prior to Eddie's arrival in Chuggington, the caboose was left in a siding south of the farm, where it quickly became overgrown. Years later, the caboose was discovered by Hodge, who, looking for a home for Eddie (who still lived with his parents at the time), had Brewster pull it out to see if it could be salvaged. Unfortunately, the caboose collapsed beneath itself as soon as it did.

After some convincing, what remained of the caboose was refurbished and presented to Eddie at the Repair Shed. The wheels were kept so that it could be moved easily. It is currently unknown if it is still in use.

Technical Details[]


Eddie's caboose has no known basis and seems to be of a freelance design inspired by common American cabooses.


Eddie's caboose is painted cream and maroon; however, its wheels, hub caps, handrails, and coupling were not refurbished and remain rusted.




  • Because Eddie's caboose only appeared once, it is possible that Eddie has found another home or is living in his workshop; despite the latter being a plot point in the caboose's only appearance.
  • Eddie's caboose is the only caboose ever seen in the series, as chuggers are always seen without one.