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"Aw, that means a lot mate!"
— Eddie talking to Hodge

Eddie is a young mechanic in Chuggington who works along side his partner, Hodge. The two do maintenance work along tracks and fix a few areas that damaged along the line.


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Eddie is eager to do things. He works in the Repair Shed workshop near the chugwash. Eddie can be foolish, rude and cheeky at times, and sometimes cracks a joke. However, he is also friendly, very helpful and not afraid to be firm with misbehaving chuggers when need be. His partner's name is Hodge, with whom he has a clear father-son relationship.

Eddie doesn't fix chuggers - instead he repairs mechanical devices and various electrical items around Chuggington. Eddie is sometimes late, as revealed in Late Again, Eddie!.


In the first season, Eddie wore a blue T-shirt with an oil stain, along with a navy zipper-less vest and a yellow cap. From the second season to onwards, Eddie now wears a reflective orange safety vest around his waist as opposed to wearing a zipper-less vest.




Chuggington: Badge Quest

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Voice Actors

  • Sacha Dhawan (UK)
  • Trevor White (US; Seasons 1-5)
  • Nick Hagelin (US; Seasons 6 onwards)
  • Samuel Harjanne (Finland)
  • Hideyuki Hayami (Japan)


  • He used to live with his parents in Tootington, (and was subsequently regularly late for work) but from Late Again, Eddie!, he lives in a caboose.
    • Ever since this, he hasn't been late. The only exception is in Hodge Sails Away, due to the windy weather that slowed Emery down (the chugger Eddie usually rides in to get to Chuggington).
  • During the first season, Eddie would wear a navy zipperless vest around his waist. As of the second season, he now wears an orange safety vest around his waist and now only wears the original vest when climbing onto buildings or structures.