Discover Chuggington: All Aboard! is a series of 26 x 1.5 minute live action/animated hybrid shorts that premiered Monday 13th April, 2020 on Disney Channel and the DisneyNOW app.[1] In the shorts, real kids are transported into the fictional 3D world of Chuggington and interact with the characters and world through activities, adventures and music.

The series was produced alongside Season 6 "to allow for increased audience interaction with the world and characters of Chuggington."[2]


  1. Chugging Home (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 13th April, 2020)
  2. Brewster's Song (DisneyNOW Premiere: Monday 13th April, 2020)
  3. Wilson's Song (DisneyNOW Premiere: Monday 13th April, 2020)
  4. Koko's Song (DisneyNOW Premiere: Monday 13th April, 2020)
  5. Chuggington Roll Call (DisneyNOW Premiere: Monday 13th April, 2020)
  6. Chug N Roll (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 20th April, 2020)
  7. Safari Park Song (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 27th April, 2020)
  8. Roundhouse Song (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 4th May, 2020)
  9. Choosing Chuggers (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 11th May, 2020)
  10. CPHQ Song (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 18th May, 2020)
  11. Docks Song (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 25th May, 2020)
  12. Ice Cream Song (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 1st June, 2020)
  13. On the Map! Song (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 8th June, 2020)
  14. Catching Koko (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 15th June, 2020)
  15. Going Bananas (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 22nd June, 2020)
  16. A Day in the Life of a Chugger (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 29th June, 2020)
  17. On the Right Track! (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 6th July, 2020)
  18. TBA (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 13th July, 2020)
  19. TBA (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 20th July, 2020)
  20. TBA (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 27th July, 2020)
  21. TBA (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 29th June, 2020)
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  24. TBA (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 17th August, 2020)
  25. TBA (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 24th August, 2020)
  26. TBA (Disney Channel/Online Premiere: Monday 31st August, 2020)


  • This marked the first all-new content released for Chuggington in nearly five years, as well as the first released from Herschend Entertainment Studios.
  • Several shots or portions of animation seem to have been recycled from or call back to previous episodes:
    • Chugging Home
    • Brewster's Song
      • Brewster pulling a train out at the Drop and Load Yard is recycled from Brewster Makes Tracks (with a longer line of gravel hoppers replacing the scrap loads).
      • Brewster helping Old Puffer Pete up the hill references Action Brewster.
      • Brewster using the track cleaner in one of the Coloured Tunnels reuses animation data from the "Chuggineer Chant" music video, along with a shot of Brewster at Rocky Ridge Quarry.
      • Brewster pulling up a load of containers is on the same angle as a similar shot in Cormac Patrol.
      • Brewster moves back with a monkey inside his cab, who proceeds to throw a banana peel at the camera, like at the end of Brewster Goes Bananas.
    • Wilson's Song
      • Wilson racing towards and into Rocky Ridge Mine is reused data from the "Chug Patrol - Ready to Roll" music video.
      • Wilson, Mtambo and Brewster together at the Safari Park, in a shot with a similar setup to one in Wilson's Wacky Tour.
      • Wilson struggling with CP2, similar to Fearless Wilson.
      • Wilson, Brewster, and Koko tossing fruit at the Safari Park is reused data from Deputy Chug Patrollers.
      • Wilson getting a banana peel tossed on his headlight calls back Wilson's Wacky Tour.
    • Koko's Song
      • Several shots and pieces of animation data from Koko Express are reused/repurposed.
      • The closeup and "run off" of Koko's speed booster is repurposed from Stop Koko Stop!
    • Safari Park Song
    • CPHQ Song
      • The fast pan into Chug Patrol HQ is reused data from the "Chug Patrol - Ready to Roll" music video.
      • The underview shot of Wilson leaving CPHQ with Chug Patrol 1 is reused data from Chief Wilson.
      • Jackman collecting and heading out with CP1 is reused animation data from Wilson's Forest Flare, with CP1 replacing CP4.
    • Docks Song
    • Ice Cream Song
      • Some shots reuse data from Special Helper Wilson, with chocolate ice cream textures replacing the textures of "Frostini's Hooty-Toot Frutti Tutti".
      • A few cups of Chugtastic Chewy Cheesecake are shown when Wilson enters the conveyor belt room.
      • The shots of Wilson coupling to and leaving the Ice Cream Factory with the refrigeration wagon reuses data from Wilson and the Ice Cream.
  • The Interactive Railway Vee is used for the layout at the beginning. Behind the scenes pictures revealed the Bachmann Wilson, Koko, and Brewster were used during initial filming.
  • The first short in the series, "Chugging Home", was exclusively premiered on The MilanToon Channel's "Chuggington Site Launch Celebration" livestream hours before its public press release on April 10th, 2020 with permission from Herschend Entertainment Studios.



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