Deputy Chug Patrollers


Marie Beardmore, Sarah Ball and Lorelei King

Air Date

9th April, 2014 (UK)

9th May, 2014 (Canada)

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Blazin' Wilson

Deputy Chug Patrollers is the 18th episode of Season 4.


Wilson, Brewster and Koko are all given a day off from their duties which they plan to spend together. They have their work gear removed at the repair shed. Koko and Brewster are very excited as Wilson has some activities planned. Meanwhile Chatsworth is working on set for a new Action Chugger movie. Wilson, Brewster and Koko start by feeding the monkeys and having a food fight with them. Next, Wilson takes them to the Roundhouse Ride-In to play on and Action Chugger Simulator. Wilson doesn't have anything else planned so they go to the Action Chugger Movie set. But they aren't allowed in. However when Chatsworth gets stuck in a tunnel, Koko and Brewster become Deputy Chug Patrollers and assist Wilson in getting him out. When they take Chatsworth's loads for him, they are allowed in the set and the trainees say it is the best day ever!



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