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Background information[]

Decka is a fictional double-decker transit locomotive created by Sarah Ball.

She first appeared in the tenth episode of the third series, Top Secret Koko.

Decka is based on a Blackpool Heritage double-decker tram and is painted persimmon with a fiery lining.

Decka has not appeared in the series since 2015.

CGI model[]

In 2010, Decka was modelled by Ludorum during the production of the third series. The model was modelled in either Sketchup or Maya, two 3D modelling softwares. The final model was animated in Maya. The model last appeared in the fifth series episode, Chug Patrol Chief.


  • Series 4:
    • Her interior becomes visible sporadically.
  • Series 5:
    • Her wipers disappear.



  • Not counting Mtambo's rising top deck, Decka's model is the tallest of any chugger in the series.
  • Decka's interior was modelled by Rudi Kolenc sometime during or before the production of the fourth series.[1]
    • Decka's interior only partially appears once in one shot of the fourth series episode, Fearless Wilson.

Voice actors[]

  • Ninia Benjamin (UK/US)
  • Reeta Vestman (Finland)
  • Urara Takano (Japan)
  • Jolanta Wołłejko (Poland; Season 3 onwards, excluding Fearless Wilson)
  • Ilona Kuśmierska (Poland; Fearless Wilson only)
  • Gemma Martín (Spain)
  • Patty Brard (The Netherlands)
  • Ângela Bonatti (Brazil)
  • Rocío Mallo (Latin America)