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―Decka's catchphrase

Decka is a double-decker transit engine based in Chug Town[1] who was introduced in the third series.


After coming to Chuggington, Decka was consistently seen performing her passenger runs in Chug Town and enjoying chatting and especially gossiping with other chuggers. Due to this, she was one of the chuggers who spread the rumour about the moon dance happening at the Safari Park further - almost causing the event to be ruined, and like everybody else, feeling instant regret about it. Around the same time, she also attended Piper's welcoming ceremony at the Depot. Between the third and fourth seasons, her passenger route was expanded noticeably; now covering the Safari Park and the countryside stations too.

In a script that was used on the back of a trading card, Decka would have broken down in a flooded tunnel and be ceremoniously rescued by Action Chugger.[1] It is unknown if this story was made specifically for marketing or if it had been a cut script, because Decka was supposed to be given a more proper introduction during the original vision of the third series.

Technical Details


Decka is loosely based on a Blackpool Heritage double-decker tram.


Decka is painted persimmon with a fiery lining.



  • She is the only double decker tram in Chuggington.
  • She is the second double decker chugger in Chuggington, the first being Mtambo.
  • Decka has a sign that can change pictures. She used one to welcome Piper's arrival in Toot's New Friend.
  • In German, she is called "Dana", and in Polish, she is called "Dalia".
  • The credits for the BBC iPlayer release of Chug Patrol Chief with an updated intro and credits misspells her name as "Decks".
  • Originally, there was going to be an introductory episode about Decka in the third season. Unfortunately, as the season entered production, several investors pulled out of the series, leaving Ludorum with little money for the season, thus leaving Decka's introductory episode as well as eleven other episodes that season to be cut during production.
    • Decka's Die-Cast character card reveals a possible synopsis for her introductory episode: Decka was supposed to break down in the middle of a flooded tunnel and later be rescued by Action Chugger - getting an exciting story to tell others in the process.
  • Decka is the tallest chugger in the series, standing at nearly five meters in height.[2]
  • Throughout the fifth season, Decka is missing her wipers.

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