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Background Information[]

Daley is an electric courier locomotive created by Sarah Ball and Lorelei King.

Being introduced in the fifth season, Daley only appeared a total of four times. Because of this, he has not received much focus or development.

Daley is possibly based on a member of the Siemens Velaro type of locomotive and is painted red with white and black highlights.

Daley has not appeared on the show since 2015.

Behind the Scenes[]

CGI Model[]

In 2014, Daley was modeled internally by Ludorum for the production of the fifth season. Likely for budget reasons, Daley's model was heavily modified from that of Payce's, with a different livery and sharper edges. This would allow for merchandise companies (TOMY for the most part) to simply modify an existing Payce mold.

Changes from Payce consist of:

  • New livery.
  • New horn design.
  • New headlight design.
  • Wipers are mostly flat as opposed to angled.
  • Front is more angled as opposed to round.
  • Bottom lip is wider.
  • Lights are given frames.

Voice Actors[]