Daley is a high-speed courier.


Daley is an express delivery chugger. He is one of the fastest chuggers in Chuggington. His motto is "Daley delivery careful and quick; Daley delivery there in a tic!” Once, Daley let Koko help with his mail runs, but he soon found out that she could easily get ahead of herself, and be quick, but not careful. Another time during a huge ice storm, Daley stopped a dangerous crack in the track, and stopped what could’ve been a bad accident. Nowadays, Daley lets Koko do more of his mail runs, as she now understands how to be a good delivery chugger.



Main Series

Daley has not appeared on the show since 2015.


  • In German, he is called "David".
  • In Polish, he is called "Goniec", which means "Chaser".
  • Daley appears to share the same model as Payce, but with minor differences and a different livery.
  • While Daley has yet to appear in Season 6, Koko has been seen pulling his mail van.
  • Daley's horn is similar to the chorus of the title theme, Honk Your Horns.

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